Thursday, June 29, 2017

Our Summer Camp MUST have Essentials.

Schools out, and summer is here. Whether your child is going to summer camp, sleep away camp, or vacationing with family - these are the essentials we would like to share that have been our go to for the summer!

1. BACKPACKS! This momma right here was one of those bag ladies, that carried around everyones crap. Lets just say my shoulders are hating me now for it. Now that my little ones are not so little anymore I can give them the responsibility of holding on to their own things in their own back packs. We were given these awesome backpacks from Babymel from their Zip & Zoe collection. They are the perfect size for them to carry on their backs with comfort, but also big enough to fit all their toys and snacks. I am obsessed with the designs on them as well, they are both in the Dino Multi design. The small front pocket is also insulated to keep snacks fresh!  I have been looking for a cute backpack with a side compartment for water bottles - so this is a big plus for me. Super sturdy & machine washable. Ever since we got them, we cant seem to go anywhere without them. We will be going on a plane ride soon for vacation, and these bags are going to be lifesavers ! (

2. SUNGLASSES: We have finally gotten to the age where they keep them on, so they wear them gladly on their own. These are some glasses I found actually at the dollar section of Target. Gotta love the dollar section! Not only are they cute, but they cost me only one dollar so they are pretty replaceable if they get broken or lost one day, because its usually the sunglasses that have to be replaced about three time during the summer. (

3. WIPES:  If you are a mom, you have a million different reasons to use wipes on a daily basis. My boys are 3 and 6 years old, and we use wipes every single day. I do not go outside without my pack of WaterPura wipes. They are a MAJOR necessity. Especially in the summer, we are out and about - ice pop stops, playing in the sand boxes, and the 10 potty breaks around the city. So why not use wipes that not only clean up, but are made of natural ingredients , soft & strong, chemical free. That is super important to us because my little ones both have very sensitive skin, and eczema. So I need to make sure we are using only the best of the best on their sticky little cheeks, and fingers.

4. WATER BOTTLES : Staying hydrated in the summer is very crucial. You always want to have water with you to make sure they are staying as hydrated as possible as they are running around in the playground or if you are walking through a large zoo or amusement park. Water is the liquid that can hydrate you best to keep your little one energized for more fun filled times. My boys are constantly asking for something to drink while we are out, so I make sure to always fill up their water bottles with cold water before we head out. We use the ZAK Designs brand that I purchased at Target, and the Thermos Tritan Hydration brand which I purchased from Amazon.

5. WATER SHOES: I don't know about you guys but my boys both love the water. In the summer we try and find the coolest park sprinklers, and water parks to explore and get soaked. Just recently they had their first experience with water balloons, and it was life changing for them. They love anything that has to do with jumping around in water. I definitely support it because sometimes its way too hot to just be running around in the playground. I am a big fan of pools and beaches too. A good pair of water shoes from CROCS can last all summer, and go through rough and tough water play adventure. We have been Croc fans every single summer, its also super easy for them to slip on and off all on their own! (

6. SUNBLOCK: The last thing you want is for your children to get a bad sunburn. Its painful and obviously, VERY unhealthy for us, no matter our age. As I mentioned before, both of my boys have very sensitive skin - so I make sure I use products made with the best for your skin. We use Alba Botanica products like their clear spray sunscreen SPF 50- air powered and and earth friendly. Also their very emollient and moisturizing sunscreen for kids SPF 45. Both recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, with no harsh sulfates, no parabens or phthalates, gluten free, no artificial colors, no synthetic fragrances. Water resistant for 80 minutes, tear free and hypo allergenic. Just about everything you would want in your perfect sunblock. I purchased mine at Target.

7. REUSABLE SNACK POUCHES: One thing I learned fast was that you must be prepared wherever you go with lots of snacks on hand, or else you are just going to spend your money buying them each time you are out. I was always putting their snacks in little ziplock bags which was easy to do, but a constant purchase I had to do that was not only annoying to keep buying, but obviously not earth friendly. So when I was sent these awesome reusable snack pouches from Sage Spoonfuls, I was sure we would be putting them to great use. They are easy to use, and easy to clean up when done. Perfect to pack our goldfish, and sandwiches for our central park summer picnics. We have used them quite a bit as well on the trains, and buses when we are out and about on the town. Easy for them to hold on their own, and then zip closed when finished munching. I will not be going back to plastic baggies any time soon.

8. WATERPROOF LABELS: Lastly, If you haven't noticed most of our must have essentials have the boys names on the cutest and most sturdiest labels ever! This is a must for us because these kiddos lose everything , or they fight over stuff : so to make my life easier I stick on a label on all their things so they can easily know what is theirs and what is not. We were sent these awesome waterproof and machine washable and microwave safe labels from Mabels Labels. They are perfect for school, camp, daycare, and home. We put them on our clothing, shoes, backpacks, tablets, water bottles, and bedding. These have been truly life changing, no more fights over whose bottle is whose. Plus I can wash them over and over again without having to worry about it peeling off or fading away. These personalized metal bag tags are great as well! We LOVE our Mabels Labels! (

Monday, June 26, 2017

How Does Your Child Feel Loved?!


We are constantly stating the simple fact that all children are different, unique, and learn things differently. We understand that each child is unlike any other child. They share some of the same likes and dislikes, and sure most of them drive us pretty nuts... but they were all made to stand out in distinct ways. Which is why I find it crazy that we have not noticed that they each feel love differently. We all feel love differently. Some of us feel love through physical touch, and some of us feel it through words of affirmation. I believe that this book can help you figure out which is the way your unique child feels love. Its so important to know what your childs love language is because it can effectively fix all the issues you are going through with them, and help with the lack of communication you might be feeling with them. It can be an easy way to work through the tantrums and the every day battles. It's such an easy read with just 224 pages, I was able to finish this book in just three days! Mind you I don't have much time to read with my two baby bosses around. I mean what parent does not want to gain more knowledge on how to correct their child's discipline in a simple manner. I feel like this book really helped me build a much stronger relationship with my boys; because I got to dig deep into their personalities to find things I kept bypassing as just "bad behavior".

My oldest is six years old. I came to find out that his love language is quality time. He enjoys one on one time ; and I guess it makes sense as he knows what it is like to be the only child - before his brother was born he didn't have to share our attention. So every now and then I like to give him some mommy and Jace time. I will take him out to eat ice cream, or head over to the art store to stock up on all of his favorite art supplies, while his brother attends preschool. That one on one time reminds him that we love him just as much as his brother. Even just the 10 minutes walking to school in the mornings is a good time to enjoy some one on one conversations to let him tell me anything he wants without his little brother talking over him. 

I'm honestly still trying to figure out my three year olds love language. I'm leaning more towards physical touch and words of affirmations. He likes to feel me close, but really thrives off encouragement! He loves it when I tell him his picture came out SO cool. 

I would highly suggest every parent reads this book. What do you think your child's love language is- physical touch ; quality time; words of affirmation; gifts; or acts of services?! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sears has a gift for every kind of dad !


June is here and it’s time to give credit where credit is due! Where would we be without our husbands who save the day when you can’t reach that extra top shelf in the kitchen cabinets? Picking out a gift every year is one of the hardest decisions I have to make. I want to give him something meaningful, but useful at the same time. I want it to be something sturdy as well - that will last him quite some time. It’sa tough task to do even when you know the other persons likes and dislikes. So I have collaborated with Sears to make your decision a tad bit easier! I will be showing you a variety of different products they sell according to your dad's personality. Because let’s face it every dad is different in their own way, so why not gift them something that best describes who they are!

1. Dads who like to get fit 

Those dads that love going out for a run, or hit up the gym every week. You want them to feel their best to perform their best. Sears has a variety of Everlast active wear. From tanks, to shorts. A lot of their pieces are made with Ever Dri technology, which wicks away perspiration to keep you cool and dry.

2. Dads who love to stay fashionable

The dads that like to look their best for your romantic date nights, or just a family outing to a restaurant. Sears has a huge selection of U.S Pollo Assn. MensPolo shirts! They are button down cotton that you can easily dress up or dress down. They come in a variety of colors, and is something he can wear all year round.

3. Dads who love to grill 

Do you have a grill that your husband can’t wait to take out every summer? Then he might just be in need of an 18PCS BBQ Grill Accessory tool box. Get ready for the ideal BBQ experience you have always dreamed of! Make sure you have the right tools for the job, like Craftsman 18-piece BBQ set, which is made of sturdy Stainless SteelEveryone will admire the sleek beauty of these tools and how they make grilling so effortless!

4. Dads who love DIY

For the dads who just love to fix things, and help us with our crazy DIY ideas. Sears has a huge variety of Craftsman cordless drills. Easy to control and maneuver, they’re lightweight frame and ergonomic design are built for a sure grip, while the 24 positionadjustable torque clutch drives with precision. And since this set comes complete with a multi chemistry charger, portable tool bag and a driver bit set, you know it’s ready for just about anything, right out of the box. Pick-up this set, and get the job done with the power of Craftsman. Sears is also offering up to 50% off Craftsman tools for Father’s Day from 6/11-6/18.

Sears always provides shopping convenience – letting members shop wherever, whenever and however they choose. They also offer a wide range of home merchandise, apparel, and automotive products and services. And finally, Sears is part of Shop Your Way, a free social shopping destination and rewards program offering millions of products, personalized services, and advice. Through theprogram, they reward members for buying the products and services they want every day.

Make sure to visit Sears in-store and online for all your Father’s Day gifting needs and more!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Sears; however, all opinions shared are my own.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

We Survived the School Year !


Both of my boys started school at two years old. So when my oldest started kindergarten and I joined the PTA I thought it would be easy peasy. I was wrong, very wrong. It wasn't that being class parent was hard ; but juggling it with work, homework and studying for exams, trying to remember every single meeting and school event - plus a million other things.... Let's just say I lived off tons of strong coffee and wine. But it's finally the end of the year .. and I did it ! I survived my first real school year!!!

I was nervous for him to start kindergarten. I was scared that he wasn't ready just yet. I can't help but still see him as my little baby ; my first born. But I had to put on my strong face and motivate him to expect nothing but greatness out of this big step. He put himself out there and made so many new friends ; while I did the same and made some pretty cool new mom friends ( if you are a mom you know this is harder than making friends in high school !) he put time and effort into homework and reading before video games ; while I put time into making fun new ways for him to learn his sight words ; instead of going to bed a bit earlier.

It was tough not just for him ; but for me as well. We both struggled with the changes but made it work and go it down packed ! The early mornings ; the separation anxiety ; the daily homework; the before exam nerves; the stage fright. It was tough at times; but I can honestly say this little one of mine is quite an over achiever like his momma. We strived for the best of the best even when we had little strength in us. We did it together! 

I believe whole heartedly that this school year made us a lot closer. He put his trust in me more than usual to guide him and work with him to achieve his goals. We spent special mornings waking to school and reminding ourselves that as a team we can make anything happen. He saw how dedicated I was to his school year that it instilled in him dedication. I shared lots of special memories I had of when I was in elementary school to make him aware that I was once in his position too. I reminded him every day that he wasn't alone ; and he would remind me the same. We survived - hand in hand. 

So if you're a momma who made it through the end of a long school year - celebrate your awesome child for their achievements-- but you must remember to celebrate yourself as well ! You were there being the best role model ; rooting them on ; and working just as hard as them to help them achieve it all! 

Every year will hopefully get just a tad bit easier ; for the both of us. But either way we both know we are in it together !