Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nissan Presents Bloggin Mamas Safety Academy Event ! #NissanMamas

When you are pregnant you prepare in a million different ways. I remember going to Barnes and Noble and buying about five different self help pregnancy preparation books! I wanted to know it all before he was born. I took a CPR class, a first aid class, even a nutrition class. I honestly still didn't feel quite prepared ; but it helped me feel a bit more at ease. Let's face it you won't ever be fully prepared to be a mother - but there is a lot you can learn to make it easier. Some things are out of our control - but car safety isn't one of those things. Unfortunately it's something that is usually seen as " common sense " and under looked when preparing for a baby - when it should be something we educate ourselves in the most. I was invited to this amazing event by Bloggin Mamas with Nissan to teach us how to keep our little ones safe while at the wheel. Sharing this information with you will hopefully give you insight on things you may not know or forgot. Either way it is information I feel every single person should know when driving with a child ! It was such an informative event that I needed to share to make sure I can spread the word about its importance!  Down below are some scary facts that we have the power to change by spreading the word ! 


After learning all we did they let us test drive their beautiful and super safe cars ; plus gave us a full demonstration on how to properly install the car seats! Did you know that car seats also have expiration dates!? It was definitely an eye opening information packed event ! 

Thank you to Bloggin Mamas & Nissan for hosting this amazing event ! 

This event was sponsored; but all opinions are of my own. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

My Top 3 Picks from the NY Baby Show! #MTBLOGGERLOUNGE


This post is sponsored but as always all opinions are of my own! I only share things with you guys that I truly do love and believe in.

This was our first year attending the NY Baby show thanks to Mom Trends. We got super lucky as the event was held on Pier 94, just three blocks from our home! My youngest accompanied me and got to enjoy some awesome blogger kid perks. When we first got there he was ready to play in the Blogger lounge which he climbed through tunnels and did some fun arts & crafts! We then hit the booths! There were SO many we had no idea where to begin. But here goes my list of my top 3 products! I choose ones that would work for a family like mine with youngest being three years old. He isn't much of a baby anymore but we found some awesome products that work just as much for his age as for babies younger too ! 


1. Sage Spoonfuls Snack Baggies

Have you ever thought how much money you are spending on plastic sandwich bags? And let's not even talk about how many you just keep throwing away! My boys are big snackers, wherever we go I must have snacks in my bag ready! These bad boys are reusable washable and come in different patterns and sizes! My son loves everything Dinosaurs; so he was excited to see these! They are so convenient for on the go snacking or even for school lunch packing. I have been on the hunt for something exactly like this so I was stoked! Realizing that I won't be wasting money any longer on baggies every month feels great! Extra bonus : they come with a bag handle for easy carrying too! This is a product that can be used for ages 6months to elementary school aged kids! 


2. Inno Baby Silicone Bath Scrub

We couldn't even wait to start using this scrubber. My oldest absolutely LOVES it already. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be a big hit with my boys. They already love bath time ; but now they have one more reason to love it. I love it too because I know longer have to rinse wash cloth after wash cloth. You can use it over and over without having to worry about odor problems, and it feels good on the skin. It also bubbles up just like a loofah would. If you ask me; it's perfect. I think I'll be stealing it for some bath fun as well! 

3. Mabel's Labels
Starter pack is $34.99

You dont realize how important it is to label everything until you have kids. Kids that lose just about everything! Both of my boys are in school - my youngest goes to daycare and it's very necessary for us to label everything down to his shoes. But it's hard to find labels that are durable and can handle the every day life of a three year old ! These labels can take on the roughest and toughest days! Dish washer and laundry safe! They have labels for just about everything you can think of! Because let's face it sharpies and scotch tape don't do the job for more than a day or two! Plus you can customize them with a cute design ! So even if your child can't read their name yet ; they will know theirs is the one with the cool spaceship on it! Every mom should have these! Summer camp is approaching and I will be putting these to very good use again! 

I saw so many other things that caught my eye but I wanted to share with you my most favorite that work with many different ages. PLUS all three of these products are no more than $50 dollars or less! As a momma myself I know we all love a good deal! They are all products that are also made to make our lives much simpler and easier. Because nothing about being a mom is easy - so convenient every day products are a lifesaver for us! 
We had an amazing time at the NY baby show. From awesome finds to cool ballon swords; and chatting with other NY families. A great time learning new things while at the same time getting to enjoy the wonderful world of parenting ! 

Friday, May 12, 2017

This mommy runs on Dunkin #DunkinAtHome


I was never a big coffee drinker. I honestly did not start drinking coffee until I became a mom. My addiction with it grew once I became a mother of not only one , but two boys. Two beautiful boys the ages of five and three. They are the most free spirited and active little boys I know. If its not running around in the park, you bet they are tearing up living room with their best dance moves. So this momma right here needs to be on her toes, and ready to for it all. I consider myself a very laid back mom, but at the same time I am super hands on. I guess I am just taking advantage of the fact that they are still at ages where they enjoy me doing things with them. So I gotta soak it all up now, before its gone (sigh!). I am always looking for fun arts and crafts to create with them, or setting up shake rumbles with my youngest. (Oh! The things youtube has taught our children about, huh?).  I even get permission sometimes to join in on their awesome dance parties, just sometimes though.  So just like a baby who needs his special blanket, I need my Dunkin.

I was invited to a special Pre Mothers Day event organized by The Moms Network with Denise and Melissa, and it was just my kind of event. It was promoted by Dunkin Donuts itself, and they made sure they had tons of mom fuel (coffee) to wake us all up. It was an amazing event showing us all of the tasty Keurig K Cups they have to offer now. We were able to try some of them out, while our kiddos enjoyed some mothers day arts and crafts. It was a great family event for all!

As a NYC mom you bet I have a Dunkin right up the block from my home, and it is quite a daily ritual for us to visit. If its not for mommys coffe, then we are picking up donuts for my little munchkins. Its definitely one of our most favorite places. You know its real when all the workers know you and your children by name. But its great that if I cant wait to get to a location, I can now just easily brew my Dunkin coffee right at home.

I will continue to awaken my spirit every morning with a nice cup of joe, because my kids will be depending on me to awaken them for a couple more years now! They also will hopefully be inviting me to more of their dance parties, if I can just learn to dance exactly the way they want me to.

From one caffeinated mommy to another, choose Dunkin !

Monday, May 8, 2017

I am raising human beings; not a gender.


Boys will be boys they say. I have heard this saying a million times as my five year old yells out BUTTCHEEKS on the public bus. I get it. Boys are always labeled to be more wild ; more outspoken. I used to say those same words all the time; until I had kids and realized gender is not what makes you, you. 

There are so many articles on girls byeing sassy; boys are messy. Let's face it though .... aren't ALL children sassy and unorganized?! I think it has just gone too far. We have allowed society to make our children's personalities - based on their gender. When it shouldn't even matter. We are taught to believe that specific colors are for boys ; others are for girls - and then there's the "neutral" colors. We tell our children that dolls are for girls and cars are for boys. Which is absolutely absurd to me. Your son will grow up to be a father one day ; and your daughter will grow up and own a car one day. So why are we allowing this kind of learning to happen so early. God forbid a girl wants to dress up as a fire fighter and a boy wants to dress up as a ballerina. Both of which are very possible to happen in the real world. 

I absolutely love the ages from birth to 3 years old. They can care less what color shirt they wear. My son will see a pink shirt and think absolutely nothing about it. My five year old however would instantly say something between the lines of "this is a girl shirt" and it's difficult for me. It makes me question my parenting sometimes as I have been trying to stray him away from what we are told to believe when it comes to genders. 

I am raising human beings; GOOD ones at that. Not a gender. I want them to realize that if your a boy or a girl you can do just the same. My five year old loves to cook and bake. He watches dad and I both take turns when it comes to cooking. But we go into a toy store and almost all of the cooking toys are pink or purple; and he thinks twice on getting it. Reminding him that it's just a color - but shouldn't they be made to be used by all children ?! My son has his own favorite colors and cooking toys just don't really accommodate all children. 

I love that both of my boys are still not on that "girls are yucky" phase. I'm hoping they never get to that phase actually. They play with all their friends just as much as the other. But unfortunately as boys get older they are told they are stronger ; faster. So they stop playing with girls and join all boy sports teams.  

I know things are getting better. Better than 20 years ago. But I feel like more people need to realize that they are raising children and stop focusing on gender and it's societal roles. It starts at home. So be very aware of what you tell your kids when they want to get or do something that society tells them isn't for them. 

I am a mother of boys - but most importantly I am a mother of two human beings who will grow up one day and can make a difference in this crazy world we live in. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Free Tickets to the NY Baby Show !

The 2017 New York Baby Show, on May 20 & 21 at Pier 94 will once again be the largest show for new and expectant parents in the country. Now in its 7th year, no other event provides a better experience for thousands of expectant and new families from New York and neighboring counties, seeking a family-friendly jamboree of top brands, great speakers and seminars, big giveaways, and lots of learning, support, bonding, and fun as you make your way into parenthood. I am giving away tickets for you and your family to experience the show. See below for details. 
Click the link ; follow the instructions & there you go ! 
If all tickets have been given away already ; you can still score 50% off your ticket with the link below. 
Hope to see you there ! It's going to be something you wouldn't want to miss! :) 

Monday, May 1, 2017

My growth comes from being a mother.


I believe that some fights are not worth your time. But most importantly they are not helping your growth. Since I became a mom I have watched myself change ; a lot. The person I was last year is not the person I am today. Some people may think that is terrible. But I think it's amazing. It is amazing to me that I am capable of changing my thought process ; my attitude towards people and things. To realize that you have that power and no one else can power your way of  being. Only you. As a teenager I always allowed others to make or break my mood. I even allowed different situations to affect my mood. I was quick to jump to conclusions; I would keep myself stuck in a bad mood ; and I had very low self confidence. As you get older you come to the conclusion that things must change. I became a mom and my mind was running on a million thoughts a minute. I started to gain a whole new outlook on life and different situations. I grew more confident in my own skin. I have these amazing little human beings looking up to me and relying on me and I guess that helped me find my full potential as a person. I learned to be more understanding; to be more of a listener rather than someone who always has to put input. I figured out what resonates with my soul and how to push aside the things that dont. I truly believe that being a mother taught me the most important things about life. It taught me how to fully genuinely love myself ; and all of my flaws that make me who I am. It taught me how to be more kind and mindful of others opinions and feelings. I find myself constantly non judging people all the time. Like I can instantly find reasoning in almost everything. I have learned that not everyone will agree with you or believe the same things you believe and that's okay. I have learned to just allow people to be who they are with out letting it change my character. I realized that not every fight or argument is worth fighting. I used to always want to have the last word or add in a quick sassy remark; but I have noticed it doesn't necessarily make me the winner. At least it doesn't feel like it. People are so quick to argue and fight over such little things. We have become so accustomed to believe that we have to stand up for ourselves ; and show that we are tough and won't allow others to step all over you.... without really thinking about what you are fighting for -  what outcome you really want at the end. When I watch my kids fight over a toy and I stop them to figure it all out - it seems pretty simple of a situation to fix. But adults do the same thing. We find every reason to raise our voice and one up the next person. Without realizing that your pride is stopping your growth. We are so powered up to show how passionate we are about something - but forget to show that passion in the right way. As adults we tell our kids to think before they act; and we seriously need to take that same advice. Kindness is at an all time low in our world right now ; only because people aren't practicing it in their every day lives with the people around them. We can't expect the world to change if you can't even change your attitude with the people you are surrounded by daily. Anger and frustration is okay to feel but we can't let it hover over us all day. Eventually it will be a feeling you automatically can push to the side as soon as you feel it building up. I have been taught so much in these past 6 years as a mother. I believe I have been taught so much more in these 6 years than in my whole 30 years of living.  Crazy to believe that I gave them life ; but at the end of it all they taught me all about life. I have a very important job now ; to show them all they have taught me, through my actions. This is the real test. Show them why you react to certain things the way you do. Why do you do certain things when it is not asked of you. I am raising my tribe; and as they watch my every move - I need to make sure I pass.