Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Dolls for ALL kids!

I cant even believe its December already. We will wake up tomorrow and it will be Christmas. Because we all know how fast this time goes. I feel like it was just last week when I was shopping for Christmas. Was it even summer though? Its just crazy how fast it comes, but how extremely chaotic it gets too. With so many new toys hitting the shelves every day you really have no idea what to get when the time comes. That's why I love looking through gift guides on blogs. Yes, I am a blogger who actually reads other bloggers blogs. It's really the only kind of reviews I trust now a days. My girls all tell it like it is so I know where to go when I need to know the latest in's of the season.

Every year I make some kind of Holiday Gift Guide, so this year I wanted to do it a tad bit differently and it just seemed to work out this way. My boys have always been big doll lovers - from action doll figures, to stuffed animal dolls. We have quite a variety in our home, and they all carry such a important memory one way or another. My boys love their dolls and give them names, and consider them their "babies" which I love. We have on occasion celebrated some of their birthday's which if you follow me on Instagram you have seen- we go all out. Cake and all! So it was just ironic in a sense that most of companies we have been working with had some kind of doll to send to us for reviews. We are so happy they did because now we got to invite many new stuffed babies into our family. Here I will share the ones that made it into our hearts, and we hope you love them just as much so you can gift them to a little one with a big heart this Christmas season!

1. Cutetitos Burrito Plush Toy : It's SO cute, and not just because it's in the name. My little one was so in love the instant we took it out of the box. He couldn't wait to unwrap it and cuddle it. This was one of the 12 collectable plush dolls that comes wrapped in a blanket like flour tortilla just like a little burrito. It's also no telling which one you will be unwrapping so that level of surprise is just as fun! We loved everything about this little guy, and he has already taken a couple of adventures with us wrapped in his tortilla blanket all around the big city. You can find these on Amazon, Target, and Walmart!

2.  Pound Puppies: This is just super nostalgic for me, because when I was born my grandma got me the first ever pound puppy pillow, and I used to love that puppy so much. I called him my wow-wow, and he went with me everywhere. It was something I still have till this day and would just never get rid of it because I have made so many amazing memories with him. When I saw that they were coming out with these new pound pups I was sure that my big guy would love it. He would love a real dog, but the way our NYC apartment is set up, he's going to have to wait it out for that to happen. So this is just the next best thing. He was very excited to know that he would be adopting this cutie as his very own. He loved that it came with an adoption certificate, and that he was also able to write the dogs name on the tag. This is a perfect gift for all little dog lovers out there that want to have a pup to show some love!

3. Bleacher Creatures/WWE Edition: Now we all know just how much my boys love ALL things WWE. We have yet to go a year without getting them something wrestling related as a gift. I love that they are still very passionate about it, and truly enjoy the story lines and learning about all the new and upcoming wrestlers too. These dolls are perfect because they aren't too big where the are taking up so much space, but just a tad bit bigger than an action figure would be, so it is great for play time when they create their own story lines with their dolls. They are also perfect because they are soft unlike action figures which very easily hurt you if they fall on your foot, or crash into your fingers when using them to create really cool wrestling moves. (This happens all the time, and the tears begin!) They love taking them around with them everywhere too, and its not a hassle to do so since they easily fit in mommas bag without any trouble at all. They will definitely be taking a trip with us to WWE Holiday Tour that we always attend each year right after Christmas.

4. FGTEEV Figures: Lastly I couldn't not end a HGG without sharing something absolutely every child in the world would love to find in their stocking on Christmas morning. FGTEEV is super huge for children right now. They love watching their videos on youtube, but now it gets even more fun because you get to play with figures of them and their funny youtube characters that they created through out the years on their channel. My boys find a million different ways to play with them, and never get tired of them. It's like being actual friends with the Funnel Vision family that you can't get enough of. They are perfect for on the go play as well, and if you are a parent you know that on the go toys are a must have in your purse when traveling with kids. These small little figures can even fit into coat pockets which Caleb has been keeping his Derpy Bacon to keep him company on all of his NYC adventures.

- These Products were sent to us for review purposes, but all opinions are 100% honest!