Friday, December 11, 2020

Celebrating the Holiday's through Storytelling!


The holiday's are always such a magical time. All the bright lights; and cheery music! I honestly don't know a better time of year. And though this year might look a bit different for some of us around the world - something no one can take away from you is being able to read a good book that can magically transport you to amazing places all over the world without even having to leave your couch. 

Reading has always been something we take seriously in our home. And for me it has been my companion during my lonely days away from family and friends. Reading books that make me believe I am in a winter wonderland; or in Whoville christmas caroling. Down below I am sharing some of our current favorite holiday stories that not only put us in a good mood; but reminds us about the beauty and excitement of the holiday season!

Click the link below and browse our favorites:

Amazon Holiday Book Collection

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Celebrating with Santiago Of The Seas!


It's time to get muy excited about Nick Jr.'s newest show SANTIAGO OF THE SEAS! Santiago of the Seas is a pirate adventure show for preschoolers with exciting, bilingual missions rooted in Latin Caribbean culture! In this video, he sets sail on his ship El Bravo with his cousin Tom├ís!

I don't know about you but as a Latina mother who is struggling with teaching her children Spanish I love knowing that I can throw on a fun and teachable show to get them to be more excited about learning the language without even realizing they are learning!To get into the halloween spirit we put on our pirate attire and made our own fun maps to learn pirate words in Spanish translation while creating! We also spoke about Colombia, which is my parents original hometown, and they loved learning about it and then creating the flag with the bright colors of yellow, blue, and red. Pero, of course like any hispanic momma at the end of the day I reminded them they are my only true tesoros in life!

Jace took a printable sheet of a map and I taught him the words El Mar (The Sea) Tesoro (Treasure) and Isla (Island). He said he loved how the words sounded when you said them, and I really couldn't agree more. Everything sounds better when said in Spanish. He used his markers to create a dark blue deep sea, and a very brown island which he said was an island where you can get stranded on, so you have to be very careful on your boat so it can take you to the treasure. He labeled everything in the Spanish context that he learned, and was very excited to share with his grandma the new words he had learned from this acitvity. He said he will start watching the show as well because he would love to learn even more words. So thanks to Santiago, the possibility of my children being billingual is a
much bigger chance than before! That's a win if you ask me!!!

Caleb loves creating flags, and he was happy that this one was very simple with just three colors. He said it was made out of his three favorite colors too! I showed him a photo of the flag and I let him go his own way to create it. We then watched a video on youtube about Colombian food, traditions, and famous sights like Monserate, which is a beautiful church that over looks the city of Bogota. A perfect place to watch the sunset; and a place on our bucket list now for sure. Since we are from Barranquilla I had to talk to them about the Magdalena River which you see as soon as you fly into Barranquilla and it's quite a sight. I also showed them videos of Los Carnavales which are usually held in February in Barranquilla with lots of colorful ethnic clothing and dresses, and fun, exciting music to get your body up and moving. They really enjoyed reading and seeing these videos, and it made me really happy to share all of these great things that make Colombia what it is, and why we should be proud to say we are from there. I know that now that I have shared this with them they are much more interested in traveling there, and experiencing all these festivities and landmarks that bring our culture to life. 

At the end of all of these fun DIY activities they probably learned more about being part of a Latino family then they ever have before, and now they want to be more aware of the language, with a little bit of help from their new friend Santiago Of The Seas! I actually can't wait to start watching it with them as well. I know I will absolutely love it! I see a lot of pirate sword fighting in my near future, and maybe I can even join on the fun too! 

Watch SANTIAGO OF THE SEAS at home with your little pirates too, and we can chat about it sometime! You can catch it on NICK JR and infuse the latino Caribbean culture!

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

But; you're a mom you can't.....

Becoming a mom changes your life. You hear that everywhere; and from absolutely everyone. But they don't necessarily explain just how it changes ALL parts of your life; and they happen in phases. Basically as the kids get older; mother hood changes in different ways. My boys are elementary school aged; close to middle school age (WOW; that really hit me that it's THAT close!) So I can say I kinda sorta have mastered some parts of motherhood with lots and lots of mistakes along the way trust me. But even so there are still so many ways my life is changing and the struggle is still very real. 
There are wayyyy too many misconceptions though that I have hated about parenting, and it's like as soon as you become a mother you have to live up to everyone and societies expectations of you. Like, what you're a mom and you go out and have fun with friends? But, that's against all mom code of conduct!! I know I have felt this way millions of times before stepping out to try and enjoy myself. Which inevitably ends up as me feeling so guilty for being out with friends, that I don't end up fully embracing the moment and enjoying it. We kind of do it to ourselves really, because we gotta learn to let go of what we believe others may think of us, or think less of us if we do something that doesn't live up to the definition a mother has been given by society. It's been a long road but I have learned that this momma over here deserves to feel good, and have a good time. I have learned to love me for me, not as just a mom - but as a human. 

Below I wanted to share some special things I do to help myself feel more like myself, more than a mom.

1. Painting - I am not an artist, at all. But Youtube videos can sure make you feel like you are. I purchased some canvases; acrylic paints; and brushes and threw on an easy beginners painting class and that was that. I didn't apply any pressure on myself to be good at it, but just used it to remind myself that I can try new things just for fun, and it does the job every time. Experimenting with colors, and just letting my mind go of all the things around me for just a couple minutes. It's so therapeutic, and it doesn't cost much at all. 

2. Random Walks - I don't choose a destination, and I literally just step outside, throw on my air pods and let the wind lead me. It's a favorite thing I like to do when I know I need some solitude away from distractions at home. I can find a quiet area to sit and meditate to the sounds of the city, or I stop and get a special treat that I can fully enjoy for myself that I do not have to share or buy plenty for all.

3. Take Selfies - Yup, just do it. Because lets face it- most of my camera roll is my kids, my kids, and my kids again. Cus, they are pretty cute - BUT guess what you are beautiful too, and sometimes getting all cute and taking photos of yourself feels good. So why not? and then if you really do like how they came out you can even post it - because just like you post all these photos of your kids because you think they are absolutely amazing and you want to just constantly show them off to the world - it's perfectly fine for you to do the same exact thing with yourself - because you should feel like showing yourself off to the world too!

4. Buy things; for yourself. Now I am not saying go and splurge and forget about all of your responsibilities. But as a mom myself I know just how much money I spend on unnecessary things for the boys just because I know it will make them happy. Roblox and Fortnite are literally taking full control of my bank account honestly - but here and there I like to make them happy. I also have a bad habit of weekend snacks that I know will completely make their night. So, I have learned to do that with myself too - if it's buying myself flowers on Friday to brighten up my day and my home - or finally splurging on a new perfume that I have been wanting! It feels good to have certain things that you buy just for you.

We have to remind ourselves that self love is so important, because if we can't teach our kids what that looks like and be a role model for it - they won't ever find it within themselves either. Let's love ourselves so much that they see it, and feel it in every thing we do!

So; wear that sexy bikini and show off your mom bod on Instagram.
Get a drink or two with a friend; and don't call every ten minutes to check on the kids!
Book that trip to go enjoy some alone time in a hotel; in blissful silence.
Buy yourself that new book you have been wanting to read!
You matter; and you are more than just someones beautiful; amazing mother.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Binge Watching w/ Amazon Fire Stick

It's been over a year since I convinced my household we would be better off without cable. Trust me, it was tough and something I wanted to do for some time but it took a couple years of convincing and I am glad I didn't give up. I am not big on TV, and honestly before this virus I didn't have much time to even Netflix and chill. Now I have a pretty good amount of time, with work being slower than usual; and school being at home. You can say I have currently done my fair share of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, and since many of us are home looking for something interesting to watch I want to share some shows that I feel aren't being spoken about as much as Stranger Things, and Game Of Thrones that I think you would all find really interested in watching right now, with no real spoilers! I have really been loving our Amazon Fire Stick which I was able to connect all of our streaming services on to; to make our lives even easier when enjoying some late night binge watching. For a great price of just $50 you will cancel your cable too!


New Girl - Now, if anyone EVER asks me what they should start watching - this is the show I automatically recommend. Because I can't say it enough. This show literally helped me through my down days. It was all I needed to turn a bad day into a better day. I loved just how much it made me laugh, yet at the same time find a connection with each and every character in the show. I loved them all, and if I had to choose my favorite it would be nearly impossible. I have never laughed so much watching something and it became my nightly routine that I just couldn't do without. So of course once it all ended I felt like I lost a piece of my soul; and nothing else satisfied me. You think im being dramatic? Well just watch season one and you will come to understand me. I promise! 


11.22.63 - I am a huge fan of anything that has to do with time traveling. I WILL watch anything that has that kind of plot twist; and especially if its dated back into the 60's. This show I knew I was going to love as soon as I read the description, but I didn't think it was going to stick with me for years to come and become an all time favorite. I mean first of all, who doesn't love them some James Franco? It is based on the book from Stephen King, which I honestly never read so I have no idea how much of it is the same or not. But what got me was the love story that you didn't even see coming; and you know can't possibly happen - which makes you love it even more of course. I felt like I was living in the 60's and I myself fell into a rabbit hole, it was exciting and I just couldn't get enough. Brace yourself though because the ending made me pretty teary eyed. It's worth every tear though!

Amazon Prime: 

Orphan Black - I remember watching trailer; and thinking it looked good. But as soon as I finished the first episode I realized it wasn't just good - it was GREAT. Really though, I was absolutely amazed by Tatiana Maslany's role, and how perfect she was at becoming all of these different characters that made this show so shocking and mesmerizing. I would forget that it was just one actress playing all these different women. Thats how good she was at it! This is a kind of show where you think you know all the answers - and you believe it is going to go a certain way - but then it turns right around and gets you. There are literally NO basic things going on in this show; and you will never really know what is happening next. That's what I loved most about it. She plays such amazing strong woman; who are all so different, yet still so alike as well. The girl power in this show is off the charts and I felt it all the way through. It's definitely a great sci-fi thriller, with so much comedy in the mix.

Let me know in the comments below if you have watched these yourself, and what was your favorite thing about them? If not , get to it - & share with me some of your favorite binge worthy shows. 

Jess S 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Gift Guide For Your Favorite Mommas

I love celebrating women, in general. But Mother's Day is such a special day for me because it makes me extremely emotional to know that it's been nine beautiful years since I became a mom myself. It is a day that really makes me go down memory lane and be fully in the moment of gratitude for the position God has given me in my children's lives. I knew it was going to be tough, and most of the time too much to handle, but I didn't quite notice just how rewarding it would be. I also found so much appreciation for my own mother more than ever before. Mostly when I saw a lot of little Jessica, in stubborn Jace. My mom was a warrior for dealing with me as gracefully as she did. She tried her very best to mold me into the best version of myself, and stopped at nothing to make sure I was always well taken care of. So I know that the mother I am today is the reflection of how she raised me, for sure. 

So I am here to share some awesome finds that you can gift to your momma or momma friends to let them know just how appreciative you are for there very presence in your life. 

To the Faithful Mom: Prayer Journal

I have really loved using this prayer journal on a weekly basis. It is such an amazing addition to my prayer life. I know that prayer for me sometimes comes a bit difficult. Just like meditation I feel like when I sit to pray I don't know where to start and I am unsure if I can really keep it going. When do I end it? Where do I go from here? Did I say everything I needed to say to Him? Lets face it, most of the time I get side tracked, or just tired and I tell myself I will finish praying later on. With this prayer journal I am able to devote my time to one specific bible verse and how it makes me feel, and what specific prayer requests I have on my heart during that time. I have really been pouring my heart out onto these pages and it has become something I can look forward to! 

To the mom who NEEDS some Self Care: PMD Beauty

I splurged for myself because I have been really into skincare lately, more than before. I love having all this extra time at night to give my skin some extra loving. I decided to pick up the PMD Beauty Clean PRO Brush which gently cleanses my skin with vibrations and an ultra hygienic silicone. But thats not all - my favorite part about this magical wand is that you can turn it over to the Sonic Glow side that has a rose quartz and a special button to warm it up with ActiveWarmth to aid in reducing inflammation with a facial massage that will truly make you feel like you are at the spa. It's my most favorite thing to do at night will I sip on my tea. Just feeling the stone warm up with my face serum on it, and smoothing it back and forth on to my skin feels magical. I just recently received my 2nd purchase with them which was their PMD Microderm Device, which I have only used twice so far, but I have heard amazing things about it really helping your skin renew, by removing dead skin cells and reveals a clearer, healthier complexion.  I am so excited to keep on using these two products to share full on reviews, but so far I can't even deal without them as part of my night time routine. I wish I would have known about these sooner.

To the Coffee Fueled Mom: Target Coffee Mugs

There isn't much I have to say about this but I can't possibly be the only mother who collects a crap ton of coffee mugs, for no real reason at all, but just because they are too cute to not get. I have one too many and I love collecting them - even if I don't get a chance to use them all, on a regular. Lately though the new ones for parents that I have found on Target have been my favorites. They are the best size, and have the funniest sayings on them. I have gotten so many compliments on my " Queen of the Kid-dom" cup and I must say it makes me feel pretty royal as I sip on my green tea at night once the little angels are sound asleep in their rooms.

To the Bag Lady Mom: Nothing In This Bag Belongs To Me Tote

This bag just screams MOMLIFE, and I can't count on how many times I have thought this exact thing as I am lugging around a bag full of snacks, books, toys, etc - all that are not mine. Right now we are on stay at home orders due to the virus, but when we were going to church as a family I packed my bag up as if we were going on a four hour road trip. Honestly, it was necessary so that they could enjoy themselves while we listened to the service. This tote is the perfect size too, and last time we took it out in the AM for some soccer play at the field across the street from us. It fit the soccer ball, a skip it, a frisbee, two water bottles, sweaters just incase it got chilly, and even their scooter helmets. Yep, all that stuff - that does not belong to me, as usual. I feel like every mom needs this tote!

Wishing all of my awesome momma family and friends the most amazing mothers day regardless of the situations going on around us. Remember we all have so much to be grateful for. Treat yourself to one or all four of these products because I know that you know that you deserve it!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Lets Get Personal: Period Talk!

Lets get personal right now, and lets talk about something people usually don't want to talk about. Periods. Because it's time we talk about these things that make us, us. Without feeling like it's wrong or not allowed.

Now I don't know about you, but for some odd reason my period days after pregnancy have been worse than they even were when I first got my period as a teen. You would think my tolerance for pain would increase after pushing out two babies, but honestly every month it's a real struggle. I feel so much pain and the discomfort makes me just want to lay in bed all day. But lets face it, mommas can't get sick days, at all. So we gotta push through, but thanks to these products I know longer have to push through and feel like crap through it. I would love to share these very effective products with you so you can find some peace in the middle of the erupting volcano. ( Do you see what I did there? LOL) Get up, get things done, and even get a work out in! Yup, I said a work out during your period!! Because nothing can stop us ladies!

First product I would like to talk about is from a company I truly believe in and live by honestly. They have made homeopathic medicine for just about anything that you are feeling. My medicine cabinet is filled with their products because it's such a peace of mind to me, to know that I am not putting a ton of chemicals and toxins into my body, yet they work without harming my body. These quick dissolving tablets are called Cyclease Cramp by Boiron for Menstrual Cramps, discomfort, aches, and cramps. The instant I feel my abdomens screaming out I pop two under my tongue and let them dissolve on their own. In about 10 minutes I start to feel the cramps fading with each minute. It also helped me with the bloating feeling that I usually feel, and I felt light and great - which is amazing because feeling bloated can instantly change your mood, and make you feel BLAH. I honestly only take it once in the day, and I'm not so sure if its because my body doesn't need much to work its magic, but it is very safe to take every 15 minutes for three doses I guess to get the full effects of it. This is a product for children 12 years and older, so it's great for mommas with teens who are going through this transition into womanhood. We all know the side effects of aspirin/ pain killers, and how it increases the serious risk of liver damage so it's best to stay on the natural side of things but get the same effects of relief!

Second product I found randomly, and I had never heard of the company Rael before, but I am so happy that I did because they have such amazing products in their period line. So I got to try their Heating Patches for menstrual cramps. These cute little patches just stick right on to the front part of your undies, and they activate in a couple minutes with 149F maximum, and last up to 6 hours!It stays put the whole time - trust me I have done a full on yoga class with it on, and it did not move even a bit, plus it was not possibly seen by anyone so they are perfect to use even when you have to go out and gets done.  They are also a healthy alternative by using the highest quality ingredients! These are made with lemon balm, juniper berry, jasmine, dandelion root, and rosehip. YES, to herbs that can cure it all! These are just perfect mini companions to keep on you when you gotta get moving, and need the temporary relief for your muscle aches.

Both products I keep in my work purse, just incase around the week that I know it's a possibility. I have been so amazed finding so many great products that work naturally to help keep your body lively and moving, yet clean and safe. I am so happy I found these two products because they made my life a bit easier to tackle! I hope you find comfort in them as well!

- I was sent these products for review, but this post is 100% my honest review!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Current favorite Parenting Books!

Reading is something I have loved since the beginning of life. But when I became a parent it just wasn't as easy to find time to enjoy this pleasure. I didn't even realize how much of a pleasure it was until I became a parent honestly. But when I do get the chance to read lately I have been drawn to reading parenting books that talk about all types of different things that relate to my daily life as a parent. I love that you can find so many different books on so many different situations and struggles we have as parents. It's a way for me to feel less alone, and it is the new age "village" we rely on to make us feel like we can do this, and do it great!

Below I will be sharing some of my current favorite parenting books that I have been reading, and though some of them I haven't fully finished I can say I have learned something from each and every one of them. I will share with you something I found to be extremely helpful and important in each book!

1. How to Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids and Be OK With it! By Lisa Sugarman

This book has been highlighted all over and I can't get over how much it speaks to me. Below I will share some parts I really loved.

"We can't always control what our kids throw at us, but we can definitely control how we react to it, and leading with positivity can make all the difference."

2. How To Raise a Reader By Pamela Paul & Maria Russo

I loved reading this book because as an educator and a mother I understand the importance of reading and starting early to open their eyes to literacy. I really loved how the book is separated into ages from infant to toddler, and even dives into teen readers. It also has a section where it recommends books for the age component of the child too! I also loved how it shares information about how great the library experience can be. How big of a privilege and responsibility it is!

Something I really loved that they shared was Book Inspired Gifts. We do this a lot in this household and this gave me so many fun new ideas for birthdays to come!

3. How To Stop Losing Your Sh*t With Your Kids! By Carla Naumburg

A book that helps you understand why your a losing it in the first place. I loved how they make you realize that you aren't just losing your shit with your children because you are a "bad parent" but that their is full reason and they help you figure it all out so you can get to a better place. As a person in general I noticed that I really need structure and a clean organized space to feel at peace, but as a mom I didn't notice that was necessary for me as well. Physical clutter , just seeing it can stress you out. I loved all the tips it gives you to help declutter the kid crap we all have going on!

4. MOM UP: Thriving With Grace In The Chaos Of Motherhood By Kara-Kae James

I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but once I became a mom I realized it is not an easy job, at all. The toughest position I have ever been given actually. It has been a crazy ride, and most of the time I did not at all feel like I was thriving in motherhood. This book is amazing for all moms who think or feel like they are not enough or can't find joy in the chaos. I have noticed how much my faith has helped me through my journey in motherhood and studying the scriptures and how it goes into parenting in this book makes it very easy to use with questions and group discussion you can use if you have a book club with other moms. Lastly each chapter ends with a section called Take Action, which lets you go above and beyond and challenges you to get something done.

5. The Explosive Child By Ross W Greene

This book is a new approach for understanding and parenting easily frustrated, chronically inflexible children. I was at a tough point in parenting when I found this book on Amazon. I remember going through it with Jace. He was really pushing my buttons and I was losing it, real bad. Many nights where I would cry myself to sleep because I felt like I was really failing as a parent. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong, and I felt extremely helpless. This book really helped me feel more at ease and take it day by day, and find different ways to cope. It gives you scenarios that you would go through on a regular day like difficulty getting to school, or difficulty completing homework and the best kinds of ways to approach it. My favorite plan was The Empathy Step, where you really pay attention to your child's feelings during their difficult time.

All links are from Amazon, and I would highly suggest you guys checking them out or if you know of someone who might need it, it would make for a great gift because books are the best kind of gift you can give anyone.

I was sent some of these books for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are 100% of my own.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Parenting With Anxiety and How I Get By..

When I decided to partner up with Boiron to write this blog post I had no idea our world would be basically "out of order" as we are currently going through a state of emergency in NYC, because of the coronavirus pandemic. The boys school has been closed, until further notice. So now I gotta figure out how we will be doing homeschool for the next couple weeks, so they don't fall back in their studies, and I gotta make sure we have everything we need to be okay if God forbid we need to take drastic measures. Avoiding large crowds, and unfortunately our lives right now are not the norm. I have many thoughts about this whole thing, SO many. In my heart I know me and my family will be just fine and we will get through this, and be happy and healthy. But as a mother with anxiety my mind can seem to make me feel differently at times. It's tricky though cus I never know when it will hit me, so I gotta just roll with the punches and keep it all together because my littles ones are watching, and learning from me and how I handle things, and how I deal with life's struggles.

I take a lot of pride in my best traits which I believe are patience, and calmness. I have been this way my whole entire life. But I must say lately I have been faking it to make it kind of thing. Being a mother has showed me that I am still patient and calm, but it fades out here and there and I gotta make believe I am this extremely patient and positive momma even if I am truly not at all feeling that way at that time. Because lets face it if I am not  calm, and uplifting then they wont be either. Aside from this virus, their are things that regularly have been feeding my anxiety as a parent. It's tiring, just worrying about a million things at once, yet making sure they are great and don't notice any of it. This is when I realized that I must speak to them about it. I MUST make them aware that I am strong, I am their shoulder to lean on, their shield from the bad, but I am human, and just like everyone else in the world my days are not always going to be, or feel great.

I wanted to share a couple of things that I do or use to help me get by, and parent my best through the anxiety.

Sedalia has been my best friend for about a year now I have been using it. I have recommended it to so many of my friends. I get very excited about sharing it with close friends who confide in me with their anxiety stories. I truly feel such a huge relief every time I take it, and feel the difference in my body and my mind instantly. I will not leave the house without a pack of it in my purse, and I also have a stash at my job just incase. It really has been a life changer for me in every way. Sedalia Stress Relief quick dissolving tablets are for stress, hypersensitivity and irritability due to stress. They are non habit forming and a homeopathic medicine that is non drowsy. I love how gentle it works, even when the stress is so strong. Suddenly I start to feel normally balanced, yet how a good amount of energy at the same time.  I feel so much calmer and grounded when I take them on my off days. Find it right now on WALMART for $9.99!

All things essential oils really take the edge off for me. I carry around my UpNature CALM blend so I can roll it on to my temples and my wrists whenever I need to calm my nerves on the go. I also have a oil diffuser in my room and I turn it on for just about everything, while I'm cleaning, reading, meditating or getting ready for bed. I do really believe in the power of essential oils and how helpful they can be in your day to day life.  Find this roll on oil on AMAZON for $10.00!

Lastly, what helps me during the tough moments is my faith. I can't ever stress that enough, that it is the number one solution to my anxiety. I can use all these great products but without my faith they would just be a temporary for the moment solution. My faith however re- aligns it all for me. I believe that my relationship with Jesus as helped me cope with my anxiety to where I can find stillness amid the chaos. Worship music is something I need to listen to regularly so that I can feel my tight muscles start to relax. I close my eyes and really listen to the melody, the beat, the lyrics. I feel it deep in my soul and I will sing along and for the most part I will usually cry my eyes out too, but that's when I know it's really working in my body. If you would like to listen to some of my favorite worship songs I will share some down below!

1. Good Grace - Hillsong UNITED
2. Way Maker - Leeland
3.  Oceans - Hillsong UNITED
4.  Set a Fire - Will Reagan
5. Awake my Soul - Hillsong Worship

Also, because of the virus going on we will not be able to attend our church tomorrow but we are so happy that they are bringing church to us on our TV screens. Anyone can join at the comfort of their own home, or even bed. So if you are someone who is currently dealing with anxiety, depression or just feel a weight on your shoulders or a missing piece in your life right now I would really suggest you tune in and see if it's something that can help you out during this tough time.  I will share the link down below so you can tune in tomorrow - 11AM, 1PM, 3PM, 5PM, and 7PM on the Hillsong Church East Coast YOUTUBE.

Times are tough, and even harder when you are parenting little ones so I hope that me sharing all that calms my nerves can help someone out there. If there is anything I have noticed in these past couple of years being a blogger is that I want to create work that reaches people, and mothers and fathers just like myself. It takes a village has such a different meaning in parenthood then it did before because unfortunately we all do not have the luxury of having family around, so we seek help in blogs, books, youtube videos, and our community in general. I want to be apart of that village so this year I will be sharing a lot more personal blogs where I will share many parts of my life that I usually wouldn't but it must be done because I have a feeling this is what my calling is in life.

What do you do to help ease your anxiety and worries? Share them with me in the comments below, and you will be entered to win a pack of Sedalia for yourself or a loved one that might need it! :)

- This blog post was my honest opinion 100%. I want to thank Boiron for sending me their product to review and to share with my readers!

Saturday, March 7, 2020

A Good Time at Toy Fair 2020!

Back in February I was able to attend Toy Fair at the Javits Center, and is a convention I am always looking forward so I can get an exclusive look at all things toys coming out soon. Toys have taken over my home since the second I became a mother, so its only right that I attend these kind of events. Lets face it, it's where most of my money goes to anyway. Im sure most moms feel these same exact way,! I love seeing all the great things these toy companies have in store for us. Let me share with you some of my favorite booths that I was able to attend during my visit at Toy Fair 2020, and the toys/games they had on display. Some toys shown below have already came out and are available online and in stores, while others are not yet out - but soon to be available!

- Soon enough I will be able to fully review these toys for you on special posts on the blog when I get my hands on them, so please let me know which ones catch your attention the most, and what you would like to see me reviewing!

Goliath Games :


Rattlesnake Jake

JohnnySkull Pirates Cove

Bonkers Toys :

FGEETV Series Two


Break The Board

Buzzbee Toys:

Air Warriors Slingshot
Air Warriors PowerMech



Little Kids INC:

Fubbles On The Go



AEW Wrestling

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Monday, January 13, 2020

Mom Shame From Moms.

I was looking through mom groups on Facebook not long ago and I came across a post where a mom was venting about how she never gets time to herself, and is with her children 24-7 because she doesn’t have much help from her family. So she was expressing how lonely she feels, and worn out. She craves for some down time. Let me tell you that it saddened me to see how many hateful comments she got under her post. Many moms actually commented how she was ungrateful, and she shouldn’t have ever had kids in the first place. Many went on to say that they never get a break from their kids and they are the happiest moms ever. They said they wouldn’t have it any other way, because it’s “ what they signed up for”. 

If you ask me, they either A- have the most well behaved and angelic children in the whole entire world, plus a chef who cooks all their meals, and a housekeeper who cleans the house daily and does their weekly laundry. Or B - they are straight up lying!

I absolutely love my boys. I don't think anyone in this world could disagree with that, or think opposite. But when they act like complete terrors who make me believe that they are intentionally living and breathing to mentally and physically break me, trust me i'm looking for a way out - even if it's just for 20 minutes of it. 

The fact that we try to make other mothers feel bad for wanting a break from their normal day to day life is really hard for me to understand. We are all so stuck on what is the "right way" to feel as a parent when in reality their is never a right way, there is just your way. We don't even allow ourselves to feel certain things because we are so worried about what the next mom might think.

Every single time I think about post kids Jessica, I laugh. Because the expectations I had for myself as a parent were just crazy, and we all do it. We all say " Well when I become a parent I am not going to let my child be - that kind of - child, and guess what? You basically do. You have no idea what it is like to be a parent until you have fully gone through with it and experienced the intense tantrums and the tiring late nights. So I get where all the negativity comes from when it comes from people who have yet to have children, because they do not know any better. But as moms we need to stop making believe we are so perfect and have no cares in the world because we know all the "right ways" to parent. It's just so unfair to put another moms feelings to shame just because you don't really feel that way. 

We have to be more compassionate with each other, and understand that not all of us have the same life, beliefs or time - and thats okay! We have to just lift each other up and help each other out. When you see a mom going through something you can't relate just let her know that she's amazing, and regardless of the situation she can overcome it. Be a light at the end of the tunnel for someone, not a black whole of darkness. You have no idea how much of an impact one simple positive sentence can make in another momma's life who is just trying to keep it all together!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Beginning of a New Decade!

It's safe to say that 2019 was quite mind blowing for me. It threw me off in so many ways and it showed. It was definitely a year of reflection for me, and I did not have the energy most of the time to get up and get things done honestly. Every year I end the year off with about 60 + blog post and this year I couldn't even do half of that, and it saddens me that that's just how bad it got for me. But it's a new year and I wont beat myself up for it, I'm just going to take in this fresh new start and own it.

I do however want to apologize to everyone that has been following my journey on here for so long. Not only have I not written much on the blog, but my instagram stories/posts have been extremely dry and less personal. This year I want to change that, and really go full on into this blog experience like I was doing before 2019 stole my soul. Damn, that was deep. But in reality that is exactly how it felt. I felt like I was walking around without a soul and as much as I threw myself into things and prayed I didn't feel quite like myself and it felt like someone stole something important from me. This year I am taking control back, and rebuilding myself, and my life. It's a whole new decade, so what better time than now.

I want to thank all of the people who stuck around, and messaged me to see how I was without even knowing my situation, encouraged me to keep writing, the random hugs when I would attend an event, which was extremely rare for me this past year. Parenthood is a lonely hood to be in most of the time, but I was blessed to have met so many amazing moms through this blogging experience that just get me, and keep me strong without even knowing they are doing just that.

I will be writing more, I will be sharing my story more, I will be attending many more events this year. I will be working with more amazing brands and companies this year. I am manifesting it, and I am putting it out into the world right now. This year will be a great year of many achievements in the blogging world, and within myself too.

Wishing you all the best. Goodbye 2019, and Hello 2020!