Thursday, December 20, 2018

A Good Nights Sleep with Matys!

Sleep is something I miss oh so dearly. It is honestly the only thing I truly miss before my parenting days put it to an end. There is absolutely nothing more satisfying than a good nights sleep. So when you already rarely get any sleep, it gets 1000x worse when they can't get the sleep they need because of a consistent cough. That cough that just wont seem to go away no matter what you do. Its the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. Wanting to rest, but having it keep them up and irritated. Its so important to be able to find something to soothe it as soon as possible, so that everyone get the rest they need.

During this time of year a cough is the main thing that goes around in our home. We all seem to get it at the same time, and we feel great - but it's just a cough that we cant shake off no matter what. Thanks to Matys we were able to try out their Children's Organic Mucus Cough Syrup, and we automatically found comfort in it. Most importantly I was very happy that I knew I was not harming my child while giving him this cough medicine. As you know for the most part most pediatricians will tell you to not use medicine for a cough, and to let it take its course, but with Matys I felt reassured that this was all natural and healthy for them to intake. Made with Organic honey, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, lemon oil, clove, etc. All pure and wholesome ingredients to help calm and sooth little irritated throats, plus clears out all of the yucky stuff. No alcohol, no drugs, no sweeteners or artificial preservatives! You can even use the cough syrup as a daily immune booster too, just like you do with vitamins. And yes all you expecting mommas out there can take these when your so sick and nothing else is safe enough for you to take!

We also started using Matys All Natural Vapor Rubs - Petroleum free! Which also helps relieve coughs, and stuffiness. Made with Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Globulous Essential Oil, Pine Essential Oil and Sunflower Wax.  Purely good ingredients that all work together to help your child get a good nights rest even when they aren't feeling entirely great. We really love this stuff and use it every single day during these cold winter nights. I usually rub it all over their chest on the bottom of their feet and cover them up with socks. If you have never tried this vapor rub on feet technique before - you must. I even do it myself on nights when I am feeling a bit under the weather. Its helpful for many other things to like being used as bug repellent, to help clear acne, and to eliminate aches and pains. I fully approve of it, and highly suggest it for all children and adults.

You can find Matys products just about anywhere - Target, Walmart, Amazon and even at local pharmacies like CVS, or RiteAid. 

* These products were sent to us for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are 100% honest and I used it for many months before reviewing them! *

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Last week we attended an early screening of the new SPIDERMAN INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE movie from SONY Pictures. It was action packed, and filled with many surprises for sure. We really enjoyed the animation, and all the details that made it very different from all the other SpiderMan movies. 

Here's a small synopisis of the film below:

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the creative minds behind The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street, bring their unique talents to a fresh vision of a different Spider-Man Universe, with a groundbreaking visual style that’s the first of its kind. Spider-Man™: Into the Spider-Verse introduces Brooklyn teen Miles Morales, and the limitless possibilities of the Spider-Verse, where more than one can wear the mask.

Miles Morales is an Afro Latino Teenager, and to celebrate his hispanic heritage roots we decided to make some yummy puerto rican shortbread cookies  called Mantecaditios, to get into the spidey spirit. We did change it up a little as we did not have all the regular ingredients to make them. 

Here are the ingredients, and directions if you would like to make them with your little spiders too!

2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup granulated sugar1/2 cup unsalted butter, cool to touch1/2 cup vegetable shortening, cold1 teaspoon almond emulsion or almond extract1/2 teaspoon vanilla extractPinch of salt
Sprinkles or guava jelly cubes


  1. Preheat oven to 350ºF (180ºC).
  1. Line an ungreased cookie sheet with parchment paper (optional).
  1. With a hand or stand mixer, cream butter and shortening until creamy and well combined (about 2 minutes).
  1. Add sugar and mix till creamy and fluffy (about 1 minute).
  1. Add the pinch of salt, vanilla and almond extract. Mix to combine.
  1. With mixer on medium low, mix in the flour by ¼ cup.
  1. The mixture will look coarse and that’s what we want!
  1. Take a tablespoon of the cookie dough and form it into a ball and place it on the cookie sheet.
  1. With your thumb, press on the cookie to flatten it slightly and create a little “well.” Don’t worry if they crack on the sides, they will turn out pretty.
  1. In the little well, drop a piece of guava paste or sprinkles.
  1. Bake in the oven for 10 to 12 minutes. After 10 minutes, check the cookies for doneness. The cookies will not brown on top, but the sides will get golden brown and that’s what you want.
  1. Place them on a cooling rack for 5 to 10 minutes.

- You can also find this super cool SpiderMan cookie cutter that we used on Amazon, to create them just like we did!
Dont miss out and go watch SPIDERMAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE in theatres TOMORROW!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

PUPPY STAR Christmas Gingerbread House!

Christmas is by far my most favorite holiday of the year. I love it all. From the festive foods, to the music, and all the fun and sparkly decor! So during this time of the year we roll up our sleeves and get crafty, and sometimes a tad bit messy too. Because all the fun stuff are messy don't you think? When we got a special package in the mail from Air Bud Official promoting their new NETFLIX movie called PUPPY STAR CHRISTMAS. It is a song and dance filled canine comedy!

The family just got bigger, as newlyweds, Tiny and P.U.P, are spending their 1st Christmas with their new pups: CINDY, ROSIE, CHARLIE, and BRODY. Unfortunately, the pups are more interested in getting gifts than enjoying a holiday with their family. To show what Christmas means to them, Tiny & P.U.P plan a ‘Pup Star Christmas Special’, showcasing their new family, puptastic songs and a magical appearance of Santa & his reindeer! But, little do they know, Bark and his mean team of Kano, Roland & Julio, have a new scheme to disrupt Pup Star and steal Christmas. They hijack Santa & the North Pole for their own personal gain. With Roland acting as the new Santa, and Bark forcing people to pay for Santa's good will, the holiday spirit is at an all-time low. When the pups find themselves in the North Pole, it's up to them to save not only the Pup Star special, but the Christmas spirit itself and discover the true meaning of the holiday. PUPPY STAR CHRISTMAS is a fun, grand musical adventure, filled with singing pups, new songs, and a story filled with cheer and surprises!

To celebrate the fun of the new movie we were given tons of yummy candies to create our very own PUPPY STAR CHRISTMAS Gingerbread house, and these little ones sure did enjoy every lick they could get in while creating their home sweet home! It was a really fun time spent together, and something I know they will ask me to do every year from here on. They really enjoyed creating it together, and surprisingly they did not argue through out the whole thing, which is a big deal I'm telling you!

Go get yourself some sweet treats and a gingerbread house of your own, and turn on PUPPY STAR CHRISTMAS now on NETFLIX and have some cozy family holiday time on the couch this weekend. I promise you will enjoy every minute of it!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Getting in the Holiday Spirit with QCM Santa HQ!

I really cant believe the fact that the new year is approaching, when I feel like it just begun. The holidays always fly right by, and I feel like I get absolutely nothing done around this time of the year. I have been trying my best though to make it as festive, and fun as possible for the boys because it is all about creating memories they can look back on.

We were invited to join in on some fun at the Queens Center Mall Santa HQ for Blogger Family Night, but life happens and we never made it. They were amazing enough though to book us a reservation to come the next week, and see what they had up for families to enjoy this year. We attended last year, and the boys absolutely loved it, and so did me and dad for other reasons. Now I don't know about you but I remember being a six year old girl in my fluffy dress anxiously waiting on line to get a photo with Santa, and as I waited for this special moment I only had the ropes that keep the line in order to play with while my mom scolded me for swinging them around. Well those days are long gone, because our kids have the pleasure of going from one center to another until they get to meet the big guy. Not only do they stand on meter that lets them know if they have been naughty or nice, but they also got to create their very own elf ID's, and enjoy some fun elf ry vision games that allows them to see all the magic that goes behind being an elf. 

What mom + dad loved the most was, a simple online reservation that got us in and out without any issues, because if any body knows how impatient children are then you know this is a huge huge deal.  I didn't have to hear them whine or complain about it taking too long, and asking when it would be time to see Santa. Once we got to Santa, they were ecstatic and he made it a truly special experience for them by asking them questions about themselves, and what they loved most about Christmas. They got to take a sibling photo, and then the crew insisted that we jumped in to get a family photo as well. 

The experience in general was so much fun, and the photos came out perfect! I can always count on Queens Center Mall, Santa HQ to get the best shot of us four to complete our holiday cards every year. They never fail me, which is why it is one of our main go to spots every single holiday season. I am so grateful we got to experience this again, and they were so generous in accommodating us.

Go online now and reserve your spot to make your holidays magical with QCM too!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Fight the Flu with Boiron!

The flu is a scary thing every time around this time of the year. It seems to get worse and worse every year, and I am sure it is one of the main concerns every mom has once the weather starts to get chilly. I have been finding a million different ways ever since I became a mom on how to constantly avoid getting sick during the winter time so I can be 100% for my babies. If I am not 100% then there is no way I can make sure they will be too!
Boiron makes so many different homeopathic medicines for the entire family. Here are some of my favorites that I use on myself, and on my little ones too!

Oscilloccinum works best when taken at the first sign of flu like symptoms such as fever, chills, body aches, and headaches. It is for everyone ages 2 and up. I have used this many times when I realize I did not properly bundle myself for a cold winter night, and I walk in with wet feet from wearing sneakers in the snow, or getting caught in the rain without an umbrella. I make sure as soon as I get home I take this so I can be sure that when I wake up in the morning I don't feel worse, and I end it before it starts. Its also non drowsy so you can take it during the day or in the afternoon without any worries!

ColdCalm temporarily relieves common cold symptoms including nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, headaches, and minor soar throat. Available as quick dissolving tablets for everyone in the family. Which makes it so much easier to take on the go when needed. These are my best friend which I carry in my mom purse wherever we go. You know children in the winter seem to have permanent runny noses and this really does the trick.  My boys both have been going through a lot of nasal congestion since they have been born literally. I have been using ColdCalm for myself for quite some time too, because having a cold is minor but your cold usually does turn into something more serious when it is not cared for well. ColdCalm does the trick without any known drug interactions! These medicines only contain active ingredients derived from highly diluted plants, minerals, and animals.

These are the two products that I use for my family on the regular during the cold winter weather, but Boiron carries SO many more products for all kinds of common sicknesses, pains, and concerns. I will most definitely be trying all of their other products soon from allergy medicine, to even stress relief! They honestly make it all, and I had no idea. They have been a company I have trusted whole heartedly during the cold weather so I know I can trust them through everything else I have health concerns about on a daily basis too!

As a mom influencer I love when I get to work, and share with my following products that I have been using since before I even became an influencer, since before I even became a mom honestly. Its a great feeling to be able to share my secrets that have been working for me, and making my days and nights easier so that I can help you get that same relief too! Boiron has been my go to company to keep my kids happy and healthy in the most natural way possible, so I know with just one try they will become your go to as well! Found at Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, Whole Foods, and Amazon.

 *Disclaimer: I was genorously sent these products by Boiron, but all opinions are honest and 100% of my own!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Yeti Set Snow at The Swedish Cottage!

Me and the boys attended a show at The Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central Park this summer, and they absolutely loved every minute of it. So when I was contacted about their new show coming to town really soon I was so excited to tell them we would be returning for another show!

You can’t miss this event for the entire family happening all Winter long at the Swedish Cottage Marionette TheatreYeti, Set, Snow! is an original story and production presented by the City Parks Foundation. It will open November 13th and run through February 24th, 2019! 

Yeti, Set, Snow! tells the story of a young girl named Widget, and her friend, Twig, who encounter a yeti named Pascetti on the first snow day of the winter season. Pascetti, who lives on a mountain top nearby, dislikes the snow. Through songs and snow day activities, Pascetti discovers not only that snow can be fun but also learns the value of friendship.

Gather the whole family and embark on this winter wonderland adventure. Tickets are now avaialble at

Ticket Pricing: $8.00 for children under 12 years old, and $12.00 for all others. Tickets are also sold at the door!

The cottage is located in Central Park near the 81st Street and Central Park West entrance.

Its going to be such a fun show, and the perfect way to begin the holiday season. I know I will definitely be taking my two little guys to watch this!!!

- This is not a paid post, and all opinions are of my own! 
City Parks Foundation
s Swedish Cottage
Marionette Theatre Presents
Yeti, Set, Snow!
An Original Story and Production
the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in
Central Park
September 25, 2018 - NEW YORK, NY
City Parks Foundation
is proud to announce the upcoming
debut of original story and production
Yeti, Set, Snow!
at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central
Park. The show will open
Tuesday, November 13th
for fans of all ages and run throughout the Winter
season, ending on
Sunday, February 24th, 2019.
Yeti, Set, Snow!
tells the story of a young girl named Widget, and her friend,
Twig, who encounter a yeti named
Pascetti on the first snow day of the winter season. Pascetti, who lives on
a mountain top nearby, dislikes the
snow. Through songs and snow day activities, Pascetti discovers not on
ly that snow can be fun but also learns
the value of friendship.
City Parks Foundation
is proud to announce the upcoming
debut of original story and production
Yeti, Set, Snow!
at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central
Park. The show will open
Tuesday, November 13th
for fans of all ages and run throughout the Winter
season, ending on
Sunday, February 24th, 2019.
Yeti, Set, Snow!
tells the story of a young girl named Widget, and her friend,
Twig, who encounter a yeti named
Pascetti on the first snow day of the winter season. Pascetti, who lives on
a mountain top nearby, dislikes the
snow. Through songs and snow day activities, Pascetti discovers not on
ly that snow can be fun but also learns
the value of friendship.
City Parks Foundation
is proud to announce the upcoming
debut of original story and production
Yeti, Set, Snow!
at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central
Park. The show will open
Tuesday, November 13th
for fans of all ages and run throughout the Winter
season, ending on
Sunday, February 24th, 2019.
Yeti, Set, Snow!
tells the story of a young girl named Widget, and her friend,
Twig, who encounter a yeti named
Pascetti on the first snow day of the winter season. Pascetti, who lives on
a mountain top nearby, dislikes the
snow. Through songs and snow day activities, Pascetti discovers not on
ly that snow can be fun but also learns
the value of friendship.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Saving for College with NY529 and MomTrends! #NY529EVENT

 Saving for college has a whole new meaning to me now with two boys in elementary school age. I know for you, you must be thinking I am crazy to even be worrying about it already when they are still so young. But I feel like you cant even blink for one second without them growing up, and we all know that unfortunately the matter of the fact is that education will keep on getting more expensive and we cannot do anything about that....besides start saving, NOW. When I was invited by Mom Trends to learn more about NYs 529 College Saving Plan I knew it was a MUST for me to attend. I have been wanting to know the best, yet simplest way for me to start saving for them to go to college. I was honestly just going to start a regular banking savings for them under my name, but I am happy I got all the information I needed to understand why NYs 529 Plan is the better fit for my family.

We were hosted by The Craft Studio, where the boys had the time of their lives making art. If you don't know my boys, they are both huge on art. Anything art related they are so excited and passionate about. So while they had fun with colors, mom was getting all the deets on how to go about saving for their future...whether they decide to be the next Picasso's or the the future educators of our world. I learned a lot and noticed that I was wrong about a lot of myths I had heard about college savings.

Let me answer some FAQs for you down below :

Q: What is a 529 college savings plan?
A: It's a type of investment account you can use for higher-education savings.
529 plans are usually sponsored by states.

Q: What makes these savings vehicles so powerful?
A: Tax savings. Your earnings grow federally tax-deferred, qualified withdrawals
are tax-free,* and some states (like New York) have other tax benefits as

Q: Can others help contribute to the plan?
A: Yes! Contributions to a 529 plan make a great gift for birthdays, holidays, etc.
in lieu of a traditional toy. You can invite friends and family to contribute to
your account by sharing a special Ugift code on Twitter or by email. Ugift also
provides printable gift coupons that you can distribute in person or by mail.
You can learn more here:

Q: Who can open a 529 plan account?
A: Just about anybody can open a 529 account—parents, grandparents, other
relatives, friends—as long as he or she is a U.S. citizen or a resident alien. As
an account owner, you'll pick investments, assign a beneficiary, and
determine how the money is used.

Q:How can I use the money in a 529 account?
A: You can use it to pay for anything that’s considered a qualified higher-
education expense, including tuition; books; supplies; equipment; meal plans,
for the purchase of certain computer equipment, software, and computer-
related services; and certain room and board fees.

Q: Can 529 accounts only be used to pay for college?
A: No. Your 529 account can be used to pay for qualified higher-education
expenses at any eligible educational institution, including:
- Postsecondary trade and vocational schools.
-  2- and 4-year colleges.
- Postgraduate programs.

Your children can attend college in any state, not just the state sponsoring the
#529 plan. Also, There are no income restrictions to open a #529 account. An “eligible education institution” is a school that has been assigned a federal school code by the Department of Education.
The account owner—not the beneficiary—is always in control of the account, even when the beneficiary becomes an adult. There is no age limit for beneficiaries of a 529 on a 529 plan. A beneficiary can have more than one account. For example, parents can open an account for a child and grandparents can open an account for the same child. Advantages of a 529: tax deductions, tax-deferred growth, and tax-free withdrawals. Recurring contributions are a convenient way for account owners to set up regular contributions, and 529 funds can be transferred to a close relative of the beneficiary if he or she doesn’t need the money, such as a sibling that will be entering college.

After this super informative event I ran home and opened up a plan for my little ones because I was completely sold on the idea. I know I made the right choice for them, and I feel so much more relived now than I did before. I know they are in better hands, and I am so excited to keep watching them grow and knowing they have a promising future ahead of them thanks to New York’s 529 College Savings Program Direct Plan.

For more information about New York’s 529 College Savings Program Direct Plan, obtain a
Disclosure Booklet and Tuition Savings Agreement at or by calling 1-877-
NYSAVES. This includes investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other
information. You should read and consider them carefully before investing.

Useful Links:

• NY 529 Direct site:
• NY 529 Direct Twitter:
• NY 529 Direct YouTube page:
• NY 529 Direct Facebook page:
• College savings planner (tool):
• 529 state tax deduction calculator:
• NY 529 Direct articles:

**** #AD: Compensation was provided by NY 529 Direct via Momtrends. The
opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of
the opinions of NY 529 Direct or Momtrends.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween Movie Jack O Lantern!

 Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween comes out in theatres tomorrow! You REALLY dont want to miss this. The plot follows to boys who accidentally bring Slappy the dummy and all the other goosebumps monsters back to life, and Halloween Night gets even more interesting. We were so excited to get to see an early screening of it on Tuesday night, But this post will not be about the review. We will keep that for next time! Lets just say you MUST go see it before Halloween, Slappy just never dissapoints!!

We used the pumpkin that Jace had gotten over the week at the Pumpkin Patch at his school trip, and he had decorated it all with a black sharpie which gave it a very edgy look!First things first we had to get all yucky slimy guck out of our pumpkin. So we carved around the stem and got everything out. As you can tell the boys did not really enjoy this process. You would think because they are boys they would love to get their hands messy...they just arent those kind of boys I guess. I ended up doing the rest of it anyway because they said it was way too messy for their liking.I cleaned it up a bit for them so that we could then start the end process of making it more unique, and Goosebumps looking.
We decided to add a fun light to the Jack O Lantern to make it bright up during the night and then gave him so green and slimey hair with Flurp. It was the perfect touch since you all must be familiar with the slimey goosebumps title. Its just such a classic that we had to add in here some way or another. The last little detail that we added to make our Jack stand out from the rest is we added some little colorful gummy bears to the bottom right by his mouth because our Jack O Lantern loves himself some yummy gummy bears as long as they arent attacking anyone right?

Because we were SO excited about the movie we decided to create our own Jack O Lanterns with a Goosebumps feel.

Next up, I drew with a black marker a very easy pattern of two triangle eyes, and a triangle nose, plus a mouth on the bottom. I kept it very simple and easy so that they could do the carving themselves. Nothing too tough were they would end up making a mistake. You really cant go wrong with these easy, and classic jack o lantern face shapes. Even if they cut outside of the lines it still tends to come out looking perfect. So I made sure to show them first how to poke it into the pumpkin and then slowly saw it down until you have to change positions of the pumpkin knife to start cutting the other lines out. Jace really liked the process and insisted on doing it all on his own. He did both eyes and the nose all on his own, and loved poppin out the piece of pumpkin to see the end results. I helped Caleb cut out the mouth on the bottom and he said it looked like a real mouth with teeth in it!

Have you carved a Jack O Lantern with your little ones before? If so, please share with us your favorite and easy DIYS! Im sure we are far from done when it comes to pumpkin fun. But I believe this is coolest and gooest Jack we have ever created! He will most definitely be remembered for Halloweens to come. Remember to go and check out Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween out in theatres tomorrow 10/12/2018!!! Your Halloween will not be complete without it!

- #AD: We were sent a giftcard to create this activity to share with our following to promote the Sony Pictures movie. But all opinions are honest and 100% my own!! 

Monday, October 8, 2018

HotelT3 is out on DVD TOMORROW 10/9!

The Drac Pack is back with HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3, which made its debut on Digital HD September 25, and on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD tomorrow on October 9, just in time to for a spooky, fun, family movie night right before Halloween! This must-own family comedy, which has grossed more than $425 million in theaters worldwide to date, follows in the tradition of the blockbuster Hotel Transylvania franchise when Mavis surprises Dracula with a family voyage on a luxury, haunted monster cruise ship. Of course, the rest of the Drac Pack has to tag along, and that’s when things get a little…batty. The monsters are having a great time, indulging in all of the shipboard fun the cruise has to offer, from monster volleyball to colossus-sized buffets and exotic excursions, but then the unexpected happens when Drac falls for the ship’s mysterious (and dangerous) human captain Ericka. The third film in this family-friendly monster franchise is the best reviewed installment and you’re invited along on the haunted cruise vacation!
The all-star voice cast is back, along with some new faces as well including Adam Sandler (Grown-Ups), Andy Samberg (TV’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”), Selena Gomez (Spring Breakers), Kevin James (Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2), David Spade (TV’s “Rules of Engagement”), Steve Buscemi (TV’s “Boardwalk Empire”), Keegan Michael Key (TV’s “Key and Peele”), Molly Shannon (TV’s “Saturday Night Live”), Fran Drescher (TV’s “The Nanny”), Kathryn Hahn (Bad Moms), Jim Gaffigan (Super Troopers 2) and Mel Brooks (Young Frankenstein). The Spanish-language version also features voices from Galilea Montijo (TV’s “Hoy”) as Ericka and Violenta Isfel (TV’s “Mi Marido Tinen Familia”) as Mavis. 

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 is filled with more than an hour of engaging bonus materials including three “All-New Scary-Oke Sing Alongs,” a monster dance party dance along to “I See Love” by Joe Jonas featuring Jonas Blue, plus a fun zing-tastic read along with Drac.  Families can enjoy all the frightful fun with a “Plan Your Own Spook-tacular Sleepover” feature and “Vampire Make Over: Mavis and Drac Tutorial,” and go behind-the-scenes to explore the amazing talent who bring these characters to life in “Behind the Screams – The Voices of Hotel Transylvania 3.

Here are the really fun bonus features.....

  • Three All New Scary-Oke Sing Alongs: Sing along to three Hotel Transylvania 3 inspired songs with your favorite characters! 
  • “Dennis Had a Giant Dog” – Sung by Dennis & Winnie
  • “Monsters Like to Party Down” – Sung by Johnny
  • “Oh These Wolf Pups” – Sung by Wanda Werewolf
  • Plan Your Own Spook-tacular Sleepover: This feature will give you all details on how to make your own sleepover spook-tacular! From snacks to crafts to games and more, follow these steps to create a Hotel T sleep-over with your friends and family, the perfect setting to binge watch all 3 Hotel Transylvania movies.
  • Vampire Make Over: Mavis and Drac Tutorial: Learn how to turn yourself into your favorite Hotel Transylvania 3 characters.
  • Behind the Screams – The Voices of Hotel Transylvania 3: Step behind the "screams" with the returning stars and hilarious new cast to see how these characters are brought to life in the recording booth.
  • Johnny’s Home Movies (Franchise Recap): Johnny brings viewers up to speed on what’s happened in the Hotel Transylvania franchise so far.
  • “I See Love” Monster Dance Party Dance Along: Get up and get moving to this haunting monster mash.
  • Drac’s Zing-tastic Read Along: It's storytime with your favorite characters have a silly tale about Drac's search for a Zing!  Read along or sit back and enjoy!
  • Two Mini Movies (rated G): Two mini-features that will have you howling.
  • Puppy
  • Goodnight Mr. Foot

Hotel Transylvania 3 was one of our favorite movies of the summer for many reasons. Not only was it very funny for the whole family to enjoy, but we loved the ending message that we are all different but we should just accept eachother as our own selves. It was such a fun, and positive movie that taught many other life lessons without the children even realizing it. We were very excited when Sony sent us this awesome coffin mailer with not just the DVD but also many awesome products and toys from Jazwares. Momma even scored an adorable Mavis costume that I am pretty sure I am going to be using this coming halloween. As soon as we got it we popped up the popcorn, and put in the DVD to enjoy it one more time. We really enjoyed all the new bonus features, like songs that we were given the lyrics to sing along to! The boys really enjoyed that. I am sure we will be watching this movie another 20 times this year. Its also no mystery that we will be watching this on the spookiest nights of all, Halloween.

- This box of promo products was sent to us for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are of our own, and 100% honest. Thank you to Sony Animation for this opportunity!