Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Adventure awaits at Pips Island!

NYC is filled with so many amazing things to do with your children, and it boggles my mind that people can still come up with more ideas for families to enjoy. When I heard about Pips Island I just knew that it was something we had to try out! I was skeptical I must say, and I was so worried that it wouldn’t be as great as we expected it to be. But Thank you Pip & Friends because till this day both of my boys cannot stop talking about it. They told their teachers, their friends, and the grandparents ALL about their fun adventure on Pips Island - and let me tell you.. as they are explaining the fun, people swear up and down that we actually left NYC and went to a fun family getaway when in reality it was a show right in the middle of busy Time Square just blocks from our home. They keep reminding me that we just HAVE to go back and help Pip again rescue the island, and that’s on our summer bucket list! 

Pips Island is an immersive theatrical adventure designed for kids ages 4 to 10 years old. I was worried that it would be too much for my five year old or too boring for my seven year old but they both enjoyed it at the same level, where they both were able to do all of it without it being too scary for them as well.  My little one gets a little shy here and there when he’s gotta do things alone but he was very excited when he had to get tasks done to help out. They made it very simple yet fun for all the children. Parents do not fully participate but are kept at arms reach so that children can still see them but can also be independent as they work with the other children. Every room is a different part of the journey and something new to learn. You have to find clues, and put things together to get to the very end. It was a bit like an escape room for kids kind of feel, but even better!

When I asked Caleb, my little one what his favorite part was he said THE MOLES! Which of course we couldn't leave without getting him a mole friend to cuddle with at home. Jace, my oldest said that his favorite part was solving all the clues in each room and learning about Pips Island. He really enjoyed it and asked of course to buy the book they sell all about the show, and extra details about Pips Island. He loved reading all about it, and then sharing it at show and tell at school. He made each child in that classroom want to take on an adventure at Pips Island too!

Its a must see show for all ages if you are in the NYC area. I can't believe how magical they made it into, and the best part of it all is your child walks out of that show feeling brave, happy, and proud of themselves. It really was a fun thing to watch as my children not only watched a show but were part of the show as well. Maybe next time we go we will see you there! :)

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- We were HOSTED by PIPS ISLAND, but all of these opinions are 100% our own!