Saturday, December 23, 2017

HGG For The Homebody Moms!

We can start off by announcing the major fact that I am the definition of Homebody. I love everything about staying home. Whether it is a night staying in and doing nothing, or a night staying in with friends doing lots. I enjoy being indoors and staying warm on these cold winter days, so when I can do it I take full advantage of it. There is so much you can do at home that I don't think people take advantage of, especially us moms who are always running around like chickens with no heads. It's important to take a breath and do something you enjoy, without going outside sometimes. If you are a homebody momma just like myself then these awesome products are just for you! Get cozy, and pour a glass, it's the weekend baby!

1. Old Navy Thermal Pajamas: Not only are these cuties comfy but they look great on. I love pajamas that feel good but look good as well, its definite must. They are the best to lounge around in but still look stylish. They also keep you very warm and cozy. I know I am not the only one who comes home after a long day and right away changes into PJS. Its part of my routine, and just so normal now. I don't feel at home until I do. It's my way to feel like my night is beginning and relaxation has begun. These make a perfect gift for just about any age group too, and everyone needs a good pair of pajamas to get their night started off right.

2. Copper Two Wine Glass:  These wine glasses are made by moms for moms! Honestly, I don't use any other wine glasses anymore because these just stole my heart the minute I opened the package. The funny sayings are perfect, and the size is just right. I don't know about you but nothing says wind down time like a nice glass of wine. Wine is a necessity at the end of my night, so this is a perfect gift to give to someone who enjoys a nice glass during dinner, or at the end of the day, or in the middle of the day - I ain't judging!

3.  The 52 List Project Book: It is no surprise that writing is something I love doing. I have been journaling since I learned how to write. I have so many filled journals stashed in my moms home from years and years ago. It is something I have always been so passionate about, and then I had kids and I haven't journaled as much as I wish I could. This is a book that works as a journal. It comes with timed prompts to inspire you to write about different parts of your life. So it helps you express yourself differently and at the same time teaches you a little something about yourself that you probably would not have realized if you didn't sit down to jot some thoughts in writing.  Helps you stay grounded and reminds you of everything going on around you that you need to appreciate a little more during your busy days. Its a great me time kind of book to encourage you, and help you embrace life and all it has to offer.

4. The Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet: I can give you a million reasons why the Kindle Fire tablet should be a gift you give every single loved one you know! It does everything. Seriously. It can be used to read, to binge watch shows, to listen to music, to play games, to surf the web, to shop, and it also has Alexa to answer all your questions. We are a Kindle Fire family, we all have our own tablets and use them regularly for all the things I have mentioned above. It has become our downtime favorite, and our family time companion as well. We use it to play fun games together like Uno with Friends, Pictionary and Cooking Craze has become my oldest favorite, mine too I will admit. If you are an Amazon Prime member it is a great product to have as well as you can use all the benefits of Amazon Music, Amazon Books, and Amazon Prime Videos.  The price is unbeatable too for all it has to offer. If you still don't have one this is the one thing I recommend most.

5.  Most Things MOM Hat: Sadly, but truthfully you are a mom and that homebody lifestyle won't last quite long. The milk will run out, or a diaper run will be necessary. So this bad boy will be needed to hide that mom hair, and get shit done. Keep on those cozy pajamas, and throw on your Because Mom Hair hat, and do what has to be done so you can come back and lounge around. This hat saves the day for me ALL the time. I barely ever have time to do my hair so let's face it this hat has been part of my mom uniform lately. Every mom needs this hat in their life, so go out and get you one now.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: Toys that spark their Five Senses.

When you think of Toys you usually completely forget that thdy are all going to find a way to teach your child something. They don't have to even be "learning toys" to do this. I was sent all these awesome products that I believe make great gifts for your children this holiday season. Not just because they are fun, bug because they will spark creativity and have your kids using their five senses at different points of their day, which is a pretty important thing to learn about as a child.

1. Sight : Snow White Smart Games Preschool Puzzle Game- This game is designed to work for children ages 4 to 7 years old. It has 48 challenges that are from easy to expert levels. My boys both absolutely love the Snow White movie. I believe we have watched it over 20 times already. Their favorite thing about this story is the silly dwarfs and how they so unconditionally protect Snow White. The concept of this game introduces young children to logical thinking as well as the use of symbols. It is definitely a game where they have to use their sight to position every character correctly based on clues they see. The symbols in each challenge offer directions about who needs to be placed where. Great game for children who are visionaries and like to see all the ways something can work out. It's also a game that you can keep for some time going from level to level as you get older. 

2. Taste: Yummy Nummies Marshmallow Maker- Now I'm sure it is quite obvious why this one will spark your child's taste. But seriously I think it is the coolest thing ever that kids have all these choices for toys now a days. Jace is a huge fan of making foods and treats, so this small treats toy was a big hit. He loved making it and most of all loved eating it all up at the end! 

3. Hearing: Break Free Yulu game - Anything that has to do with saving the day is our kind of thing. This game I knew as soon as I saw it would become a favorite. Your are locked up in handcuffs and have to find the right pick to break free first than your opponent. The game has different levels that range from easy to difficult by color locks so you can really put your skills to the test. It's all about really listening to see if your pick is doing anything to open up your cuffs. You can easily figure it out if you just keep an eye on the sounds the locks make when you are tuning the picks in them. We loved this game, and surprisingly the boys didn't want to give up until they were able to figure it all out on their own! 

4. Touch: Paw Patroller Sea Patroller Vehicle- This bad boy here has become every toys New cruise ship. Seriously the boys have found a million different ways to use this sea patroller. If it's not being used by Ryder and his pups to save the day, then it's just a big vacation to Hawaii for John Cena. They love how big it is because it can hold so many things and figures of all sizes on it. It also has so many touch features to add lights and sounds to the pretend play. It glides so smoothly all around the home, and is easy play for both my three year old, and still fun enough for my six year old. It's a toy they have truly enjoyed playing with for hours! 

5. Smell : Scented Pillow Pets- My boys love anything that smells yummy. Especially if it's going to be popsicle and bubble gum scented. These pillow pets have been taken to school many times already for nap time and have yet to lose their smell. I honestly want one for myself. They aren't too strong in scent but just right to cuddle with. The boys also love how soft they are too, as a pillow or just to hold onto along side during the night. It's a night to must have for them, and I completely understand why! Now they just need to create some mommy ones, maybe lavendar scented to help my insomnia during this long rough holiday nights. 

- All products were sent to me for reviewing purposes, but opinions are 100% honest and of my own. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

No Holiday Drama with Mabels Labels & CVS Photos!

Every year I procrastinate when its time to get the annual holiday cards ready. I don't necessarily know why, but I do - every single year. I guess it is because I do it all on my own, and the hassle of it all drives me a bit nuts. I would make the address labels on my own, and I would take the holiday photos of the boys at the house, and buy all the props for it. I would then have to write the same message over and over again on each card. It was very time consuming, and my hand would cramp when I would hit around card 45. So of course when I realized I could make my life easier by getting this all done, and personalized exactly how I wanted to - I didn't hesitate to start early this year. 

Mabels Labels came out with the cutest Holiday collection, and I could not make up my mind about what exactly I wanted to personalize. After a long time of indecisiveness, I chose their Holiday wraparound address labels. 32 labels for just $14.99! You really can't beat that, a huge steal I would say. They have eight different holiday styles to chose from, and they are seriously all so darn cute!  I chose the style: the string of lights, in which I was able to personalize with our name and address. They came out exactly how I wanted, and I got so many compliments on them already. 

When it came to the photos we were lucky enough to be invited to a special event at Santa HQ at Queens Center Mall, where we got to meet good old Saint Nick himself, so as soon as I saw the end results I knew this was the perfect photo for the cards! Instead of driving myself crazy by buying boxes of cards to write in I decided to go to CVS Photo Center to create my holiday cards. It literally took me five minutes to create something I LOVED. It was simple, but with a classical feel. So ideal as well since I made them at the store, and received them in just 15 minutes of walking around the aisles waiting for them. That's a huge #MomWin for me! 

If you don't want to add more stress to your holiday season then you should most definitely do the same, and go check out Mabels Labels! It was a great decision, and now I can stress out about everything else instead. 

*- These products were sent to me for review purposes, but as always all opinions are of my own, and I only promote companies that I fully stand by, and believe in - 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Moms can have Advent Calendars too! #SephoraHoliday2017

December 1st just came through real quick on us, and it feels like there wasn't even a November. I can't believe that the countdown to Christmas has officially begun. As a mom, the holidays are quite frankly all about the boys for me, and I love making it as special as possible for them. I like to keep traditions going that I myself did with my family when I was around their age, so advent calendars are a must have every year in our home. They enjoy having some kind of special way to countdown the days, and it gives them something to look forward to each day. Just wondering what the chocolate of the day will be, and how yummy it will taste to end the night.

Just when I thought Christmas was only for kids, Sephora made me believe again. A special Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar of my own, with 24 makeup, bath, and accessory surprises to help me countdown till Christmas - because moms deserve a little surprise here and there too! I love that I have something to look forward to each morning or night to try out and use for that day. I am currently on Day three and I love the variety and suspense of what will be next.

Sephora has many advent calendars going on right now in stores and online, but this one caught my attention for many reasons. Not only is the box a stunning design to keep alongside your nightstand or get ready area, but it is also not one set category so it makes it much more interesting. Will you get a makeup product, or will you get a face mask? Either way your winning! It's such a great way to find some new favorites that you never thought about giving a shot.

For instance this morning for Day 3 I found the Sephora Fingertip eyeliner in 01- Smart Black. Let me start off by saying I have been playing around with makeup for over 17+ years now, and I still can't figure out how to perfect my winged liner. There will be days where just out of pure luck it comes out amazing, and then there's plenty of days where they just can't seem to get it together and come out looking the same. So when I saw this I thought it was very interesting that you hold the tip of the liner on your finger - but still I was skeptical of how practical it really was. Compared to all my regular tries at winged liner, this one was by far the fastest yet best result I have gotten. I wasn't expecting it to be that simple yet so precise. It is something I now want to automatically stock up on, and rave about to everyone because it was THAT GOOD. Seriously! And just like that, I found myself a holy grail item without ever hearing about it until I found it in this Advent Calendar.

I am pretty sure this won't be the only holy grail product I will find in it that I will go and purchase a full size of in stores. This will also become a brand new holiday tradition for myself because Christmas doesn't have to be just for the kids, we deserve a little pampering and joy too! If makeup is something that makes you feel all giddy inside than you should definitely make it a holiday tradition for yourself as well. Grab one now, because it's not too late to treat yo self to some Winter Wonderland surprises, and countdown to Christmas with some good old me-time.

You can get your Sephora Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar now on or in stores for 20% off right now retailing at $55.00

I received this product for review purposes, but all opinions are 100% honest, and my own.