Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Blogger Bash Experience


It was my first time at Blogger Bash on Pier 60,  all thanks to Bloggin' Mamas for letting me go as part of their team.

Blogger Bash is just a big space for all bloggers to get together , get to know each other - and just uplift each other. Being a blogger is fun, and has its perks. But there is no denying that it is a job in itself ! It isn't easy, or just a way to pass time. If you take it seriously and are constantly trying to grow as a blogger it takes lots of time , consistency, and even more time. So being able to enjoy something like blogger bash while still working/ networking with brands and companies is a perfect setting! 

I was surrounded by strong hard working women all day , and being able to hear their stories at the Armitron: Turning passion into Adventure breakfast panel was so inspiring. The moderator was Lyss Stern, author and CEO of marketing agency The pointers and tips given to grow your blog into a brand, and how to work with different companies. Learning to not be scared to get a "no" and knowing when to try again. I loved hearing how they started out their blog/ brand journey and got to where they wanted to be at the end. It was definitely empowering to see them reach for a dream and birth it.

And the Armitron watches are all just so stunning. I couldn't even pick a favorite. Adding them all to my Christmas wish list for sure! 

After that we went right next door to BabyPalooza. A great space filled with many brands specifically for all of babies needs!

I really enjoyed meeting the different brands that were there and getting to know them. Down below are just a couple of brands that I will most definitely be using with my kiddos from here on out!

- Oilogic : 100% Pure Essential Oils care for kids roll ons. They are non toxic, and all natural with 26 different oils for so many different needs, like - sleep, stuffy nose, cough, bug bites, and itches, even ouchies and booboos! I have already started using the Sleep roll on and I even use it on myself at night sometimes. I have been loving it. I have a feeling we will be living off Oilogic from here on out!

-Re-Play Childrens Table ware: Dish ware for toddlers and kids that are made out of recycled FDA approved, food safe plastic. They are super colorful, and just so easy to use. I got myself a couple of plates, bowls, and utensils and I want even more now. It has definitely become my boys favorite dish ware for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Lastly I am going to talk about Tiny Beans - A online baby journal. where you can share pictures, milestones and videos of your children in a safe way with any family member or friend you want. A private social network that the whole family can enjoy together. I love this idea, because there are just some things you do not want to share via facebook, or you just dont want to be that over sharing mama that people cant stand. I have signed up and will be sharing lots and lots memories with all my family members now!

Soon enough I will be having Part 2 up of my Blogger Bash experience, from Sweet Suite!
I already can not wait until next year.

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