Thursday, September 14, 2017

Women do it too #NYLiberty #SummerSlamHeatWaveTour with MSG.

As a momma of two boys, I have many things I would like to teach my kids - but on my top five, equal rights are super important. I did a lot of dating back in the days, and let's just say I have heard it all. That's exactly what I am trying to dodge here! I want to raise little gentlemen who understand and are comfortable enough to appreciate that women can do everything a man does, and maybe just possibly - even better. I love talking to my boys about history, and we spoke a little about the 1960's when women were not allowed to keep a job during their pregnancy, or even get a credit card. Jace thought it sounded so silly, and couldn't understand why that was even happening back in the days. I can't even understand it myself, but we have sure come a long way since those days. Sure, we still have a long way to go - but at least we are now allowed to vote, and get a divorce without having evidence that it is "necessary". I allow my boys to enjoy and play with what ever their little hearts desire. I hate putting labels on things. If my son wants to wear my purse or play with a doll I am all for it. I can't really stop what others tell them or what society will push at them through television, etc. But I can at least tell them what I believe is right. You don't have to be a girl to like the color pink. I love that Caleb's favorite color is pink, and he so proudly announces it. I love that Jace enjoys playing with his dolls like they are his "babies". I love that they enjoy helping me clean, and cook. I want them to understand that things at home need to get done whether you are a male or female - it is about teamwork, and contributing to a place you call your home.

This summer we attended a NY Liberty basketball game at MSG, and it was a perfect way to enlighten them on the topic more. We had such a great time at the Delta Sky Club where they enjoyed some popcorn, cotton candy, and hot dogs. We then headed to our seats, which were perfectly in the middle and front row. We got to see all the action, and they were so amazed by the players and how great they played. They were cheering them on and truly enjoyed the experience. At the end of the game NY Liberty won, and they were thrilled. As we headed home after the game we spoke about the game, and how great it was and Jace said Women's basketball is one of his favorite sports now. It was such a cute little moment to always remember!

At another event in July at MSG, The Summerslam Heatwave Tour with the WWE we got to watch their all time favorite thing - Wrestling. They are huge fans of many of the wrestlers new and old. They are also big fans of the Women's wrestling division. They love their entrance songs and watch their matches just as fascinated as the others. Another incredible event that shows exactly what I am trying to instill in them. Women are strong, powerful, and fearless, and they get to see this in everything that they love. It shows women of all shapes and sizes, different backgrounds, and ages putting their heart into what they love to do. I am happy to say that you will find The Bella Twins, AJ Lee, and Lita in my boys WWE action figures collection.

It is a big deal for them to be exposed to this empowerment that women have, and how they are daily finding their voice and letting it shine in a million different ways. In the future, they will possibly be a dad, a husband, or simply working for a woman, and I need them to understand that nothing at all makes them better just because they are a man. I want them to also use their exposure to teach others that may be stuck in the old days, because sadly when they are grown ups there will still be men in the world who don't believe the same. As a parent, we have the future right in front of our eyes, and every little thing we teach them will go with them, so make it something good.

I think I am doing pretty good. Jace just told me this morning that he believes I am much smarter and stronger than daddy. I won't agree, but I will say he's a smart little man.

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