Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Good Housekeeping Halloween Bash

Today was a sad day, I took all the Halloween decor down and off the walls. Not to say I am not ready to start decorating my home into my very own winter wonderland...but it was still kind of sad. I love everything Halloween, but most of all I love the decor for it. I honestly die of jealousy when I catch a glimpse on social media of how decked out the Kardashians do it up for Halloween every year, but it is most certainly where I get some of my ideas. Yup, I said the Kardashians....they are the queens of Halloween, trust me. It's probably the only time I check their social media platforms.

The boys and I were invited to a Good Housekeeping Halloween Bash at the Hearst building. Now, if you don't know what Good Housekeeping is - you must have been hiding under a rock or something, but it is a fun-filled magazine with lots of recipe and home decor ideas. I was just reading their November issue actually to figure out how I'm going to reuse my Halloween pumpkins to create a cute and elegant centerpiece for Thanksgiving (soon on the blog). Anyways, it is the perfect kind of magazine to have around your home to help you add some finesse to your abode, and keep your home smelling like Thanksgiving every day.

We knew it was going to be a great time, and I knew the decor and food display was going to be perfection. They surely did not disappoint. Each room was set up with something different to eat, create, and to make things even better - there was a basket with a different toy for each child to "trick or treat".  We started in the first room where we were greeted with yummy eyeball cupcakes from Baked By Melissa. The boys devoured them and loved that they were made festively to celebrate Halloween. After that, we went to the next room where they were holding a storytime and reading Princesses Wear Pants by Savannah Guthrie and Allison Oppenheim.  They had pillows and blankets all laid out to get comfy and cozy while the kids munched on some white chocolate covered ghost strawberries that they were able to dip and make themselves. While the adults had a whole table filled with cheese and crackers, and of course wine to pair with it lovely. 

The last room was the art room where there was tons of paints, brushes, and mini pumpkins. All the children got to let their inner artist out by painting their own pumpkins. My little artist love when events have some kind of arts and crafts, it definitely keeps them busy for some time.  I loved that it was kid friendly, with lots and lots of snacks because we all know kids run off of snacks all day long. But they didn't forget about us less important adults too! They made the event perfect for everyone to enjoy. It was an excellent way for us to start our pre-Halloween celebration for sure!

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