Friday, February 9, 2018

Kids Night Time Routine.

A couple months ago I shared with you all my very own night time routine so I felt I should share the routine I have with my boys ALMOST every night. Cus let’s face it, sometimes I let them stay up later than usual so they won’t hate me as much. Sometimes I let them go one night without a bath because kids can get away with a night or two, no?! I pick my battles, and I know when they just need me to wing it a bit. But for the most part my kids strive on consistency, like many children.

After a long day of school and work we both need the night to bond for the most part. So I try my best to do everything we have to get done while making it fun, and lots of talking and reflecting. Bath time has always been something they have both enjoyed since babies and I truly believe it’s because I have never made it feel like just something we have to do, but a fun play time in a different room. Whether it’s bringing in some action figures, or playing a simple mind game. We have made up so many games in the bath, and silly songs that bath time is something we are always looking forward to, even if I have to tell them 1000x times to stop splashing! 

Once they are out and smelling fresh, it is beyond important that I make sure their body is very moisturized! They both have eczema that is either mild or terrible due to weather change. During this frigid NYC weather right now, it usually gets worse, so I was very happy when Triderma sent us over their Eczema itch and dryness healing cream. It has been our holy grail night time cream that helps dry patches no longer appear. It feels good to no longer worry about my son scratching off his skin, and feeling uncomfortable throughout the night. Now he can get the rest he needs every night. 

After they are dressed in their cozy pjs I let them pick out some books to read from our impressive collection. I have always been a huge book lover, so it was no surprise to anyone when I started collecting children’s books at 2 months pregnant! I knew I wanted it to be a huge part of their daily life. So being consistent with it and helping them find their passion for literature was important to me. So I try to keep it alive each night by finding books I know will inspire them, and make them laugh. I also make sure we enjoy some time at the library to pick out some new books. I usually stick to books that will teach them kindness, empathy, courage or motivate them to be good human beings. I feel that is the best thing for them to read at the end of the day so it gears them up for an even better day to come. Also now that my six year old has learned how to read I give him the chance to choose a book that he can read to his little brother, and they enjoy it just as much as I love watching him do so. 

As soon as teeth are brushed, and potty time is over I start getting the bedroom ready by making it a peaceful and stress free space. I get my ArtNaturals oil humidifier ready with some drops of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. I also spray some on the pillows, and ask our Google Home Mini to play some nature sounds. It’s time to wind down and say our I love you’s and affirmations for the day to come. I remind them that they are safe and that today we had some lows (with two boys running around trust me we always have our share of time outs, and tantrums)  but it was a good day, we count our blessings and thank God for the space and love around us that  he has given us. Some nights last longer than others... I will not sit here and lie to you and say they go straight to sleep. Some nights I will lay their for hours as they giggle away, but then theirs nights were they can’t fight it and fall asleep within minutes, and I just give them a little bit of time to fall into a deep sleep so I can  move them over to their bed. Yup, they fall asleep on our bed- mostly every night. A bad habit that every one will tell you not to start.. but it’s what works for us so I won’t hide it, instead I embrace it. They are only little once, and we will get our bed back soon and absolutely miss seeing their little bodies in them. 

A night time routine is definitely much easier said than done. So if you are a parent who is still struggling with it, don’t beat yourself up about it. We all just have to find what works for us, and it won’t be the same for everyone so I have learned to never take for granted what works for us, or compare our routine with others. As a parent you start to realize just how much you miss sleep when it becomes something you barely get to enjoy, so making the last minutes of your day with your kids at the same time enjoyable but productive is key! Do your best, it’s all that matters. 

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  1. Love it Do you best We all have our different "mom hacks" gonna try some of yours