Friday, September 14, 2018

Game Night with Goliath and Pressman Games!

As you guys should know by now, we are huge fans of Goliath Games. They pile up high in the boys room, and they really dont just sit there. They get played, over and over again. Today I wanted to share with you our two current favorite games that both of my boys cant get enough of. Even the adults want to play it over and over again, and that is very rare with me. As a Gemini I get tired of things and need something new and different. But I can say I really truely enjoy both of these games.

The first one is called Shark Bite. The box alone completely caught their eye and they were ready to open it up and see the shark that would try and bite them . They loved how it was made, and the big teeth all around. It was super simple for them to both work together to set it all up to play. It was also very colorful as well so it was fun to look at. They loved that it came with hooks which gave it a more interactive feel, and not just snatching them out with your hand. So the object of the game is to not snatch the wrong fish out of his mouth, or else it will make him snap and you are done. Sometimes when we play it it can be super fast, and other times it will take some time and we are anticipating which one it will be that will make the shark bite. We love making guesses, by saying which color fish we believe is the one that will make the shark bite you, so it adds even more anticipation to the game. Plus the educational aspect of it helps my youngest with his colors, and counting. I have noticed that they really love games where they are expecting something to happen, so they strategize to play the game. It helps them use a special part of their brain that they dont get to use during many games.

Jace: "Its really fun because you do not know when its going to bite!"
Caleb: "It just jumps out, and it comes for my hand. So cool! "

The next one is more competitive, and that is exactly why they love it. This game is called Kids Know Best! Lets face it, they do. Its a game where the kids vs. the parents to get to the finish line first through trivia like questions about many different topics, from easy to hard. They have questions on the cards that are for the children, and other harder ones that can really stump a parent, or maybe its just me. But its so much fun, because what child does not want to try and beat the adults at something. My oldest really likes this game a lot because now that he can read he can read me all the questions perfectly and he needs no help during it. He loves that! Plus it helps him work on his reading while playing, so its a mom win right there. I believe we have played this just about every weekend since we got it, and I have yet to win. Terrible, I know. I loved that throught this game I was able to learn many things from it, that most likely I learned about back in the days but just forgot about. Its truly a fun learning game, where you are having so much fun that you do not even realize you are learning during it.

Jace: "I like it because you never know if its going to be a funny question, a really hard one or a easy one. "
Caleb: "I like the funny kid questions!"

Games like these are part of our every day lifestyle, and I love that no matter their age we can still find games that will help them educationally through play. Play is such a huge important part of a childs life because that truly is where the knowledge comes from. Its the easiest way as its super interactive, and kids need interaction to be really interested in stuff they dont really enjoy much.

Thank you to Goliath + Pressman games for these awesome games we cannot get enough of!

- We were sent these games for review purposes, but  all of our opinions are our own - 100% honest, and we never share with you games that we do not enjoy.

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