Thursday, October 11, 2018

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween Movie Jack O Lantern!

 Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween comes out in theatres tomorrow! You REALLY dont want to miss this. The plot follows to boys who accidentally bring Slappy the dummy and all the other goosebumps monsters back to life, and Halloween Night gets even more interesting. We were so excited to get to see an early screening of it on Tuesday night, But this post will not be about the review. We will keep that for next time! Lets just say you MUST go see it before Halloween, Slappy just never dissapoints!!

We used the pumpkin that Jace had gotten over the week at the Pumpkin Patch at his school trip, and he had decorated it all with a black sharpie which gave it a very edgy look!First things first we had to get all yucky slimy guck out of our pumpkin. So we carved around the stem and got everything out. As you can tell the boys did not really enjoy this process. You would think because they are boys they would love to get their hands messy...they just arent those kind of boys I guess. I ended up doing the rest of it anyway because they said it was way too messy for their liking.I cleaned it up a bit for them so that we could then start the end process of making it more unique, and Goosebumps looking.
We decided to add a fun light to the Jack O Lantern to make it bright up during the night and then gave him so green and slimey hair with Flurp. It was the perfect touch since you all must be familiar with the slimey goosebumps title. Its just such a classic that we had to add in here some way or another. The last little detail that we added to make our Jack stand out from the rest is we added some little colorful gummy bears to the bottom right by his mouth because our Jack O Lantern loves himself some yummy gummy bears as long as they arent attacking anyone right?

Because we were SO excited about the movie we decided to create our own Jack O Lanterns with a Goosebumps feel.

Next up, I drew with a black marker a very easy pattern of two triangle eyes, and a triangle nose, plus a mouth on the bottom. I kept it very simple and easy so that they could do the carving themselves. Nothing too tough were they would end up making a mistake. You really cant go wrong with these easy, and classic jack o lantern face shapes. Even if they cut outside of the lines it still tends to come out looking perfect. So I made sure to show them first how to poke it into the pumpkin and then slowly saw it down until you have to change positions of the pumpkin knife to start cutting the other lines out. Jace really liked the process and insisted on doing it all on his own. He did both eyes and the nose all on his own, and loved poppin out the piece of pumpkin to see the end results. I helped Caleb cut out the mouth on the bottom and he said it looked like a real mouth with teeth in it!

Have you carved a Jack O Lantern with your little ones before? If so, please share with us your favorite and easy DIYS! Im sure we are far from done when it comes to pumpkin fun. But I believe this is coolest and gooest Jack we have ever created! He will most definitely be remembered for Halloweens to come. Remember to go and check out Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween out in theatres tomorrow 10/12/2018!!! Your Halloween will not be complete without it!

- #AD: We were sent a giftcard to create this activity to share with our following to promote the Sony Pictures movie. But all opinions are honest and 100% my own!! 

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