Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Getting in the Holiday Spirit with QCM Santa HQ!

I really cant believe the fact that the new year is approaching, when I feel like it just begun. The holidays always fly right by, and I feel like I get absolutely nothing done around this time of the year. I have been trying my best though to make it as festive, and fun as possible for the boys because it is all about creating memories they can look back on.

We were invited to join in on some fun at the Queens Center Mall Santa HQ for Blogger Family Night, but life happens and we never made it. They were amazing enough though to book us a reservation to come the next week, and see what they had up for families to enjoy this year. We attended last year, and the boys absolutely loved it, and so did me and dad for other reasons. Now I don't know about you but I remember being a six year old girl in my fluffy dress anxiously waiting on line to get a photo with Santa, and as I waited for this special moment I only had the ropes that keep the line in order to play with while my mom scolded me for swinging them around. Well those days are long gone, because our kids have the pleasure of going from one center to another until they get to meet the big guy. Not only do they stand on meter that lets them know if they have been naughty or nice, but they also got to create their very own elf ID's, and enjoy some fun elf ry vision games that allows them to see all the magic that goes behind being an elf. 

What mom + dad loved the most was, a simple online reservation that got us in and out without any issues, because if any body knows how impatient children are then you know this is a huge huge deal.  I didn't have to hear them whine or complain about it taking too long, and asking when it would be time to see Santa. Once we got to Santa, they were ecstatic and he made it a truly special experience for them by asking them questions about themselves, and what they loved most about Christmas. They got to take a sibling photo, and then the crew insisted that we jumped in to get a family photo as well. 

The experience in general was so much fun, and the photos came out perfect! I can always count on Queens Center Mall, Santa HQ to get the best shot of us four to complete our holiday cards every year. They never fail me, which is why it is one of our main go to spots every single holiday season. I am so grateful we got to experience this again, and they were so generous in accommodating us.

Go online now and reserve your spot to make your holidays magical with QCM too!

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  1. Pictures came out great. Santa HQ is a lot of fun. Happy Holidays