Thursday, March 14, 2019

Flying smart with Delta and Boiron USA!

Flying gives me real deal anxiety. Usually the night before a flight I get really anxious and barely get any sleep. I had some bad experiences when I was younger and I used to travel on my own, so I guess those experiences stick with me and I get reminded of them every time I am about to go on vacation. As a momma of two boys though I put on the brave face and just ride it out, and I am so good at making believe I am just fine. The things we have to do as parents. Make believe we are okay just so that they can keep it together, and feel good. 

Just recently we went on a trip to Orlando, Florida and I knew it was time for me to try something so that I wouldn't have to fake it till we make it, literally.  I reached out to my good friends at BOIRON USA and asked them to suggest something for me to help with my jitters, and calm my mind. They recommended SEDALIA, Temporarily relieves nervousness, hypersensitivity, irritability and fatigue due to stress; This medicine does not affect alertness* But I also needed something to help me out with nausea, so they offered me their JET LAG RELEIF packet with three different kinds of medicines to help with all things that usually come with the feeling of jet lag. And they fully delivered!!!! I felt more at peace going on vacation when having products to back me up. I knew I could count on them to make the trip a whole lot smoother for me. 

We flew DELTA from Laguardia to MCO. Let me just say - it was absolutely perfect. From the very beginning to the end. The entire DELTA staff was so friendly, and super helpful. As we were waiting to board a guy came to us to let us know that as a family with children we would be able to get on right away, and not have to wait to be called on to board. As we got on they noticed Caleb's mickey crown and asked if we were celebrating anything, and thats of course when we let them know we were going to Disney for little mans 5th birthday. They wished him a happy birthday and made a huge deal about it. When we were up in the sky we got to see all that DELTA has to offer for families with children on the planes. We loved that they had such a huge variety of movies, shows, and games for the kids to play with on the screens in front of their seats. Jace got to watch The Incredibles 2 movie, and Caleb watched some Ben 10! It was literally a life saver, because the shows and movies I thought I had downloaded on to our Netflix for some reason did not really download. I was also able to sit and relax and watch a movie since they were so busy doing their own thing. No headphones? No problem, because DELTA had many to give to their passengers, at no extra charge.  The boys also really loved how they had the Flight Tracker where they were able to see exactly where we were, and how much longer we had. It was fun to keep track of, and see all the places that we were flying by. The flight attendants came over to us every so often to check on us, and see if we needed anything. Also just to talk to the boys, as they are both super friendly so they are always talking someones ear off, and these people loved it. We got extra snacks and all that good stuff! When there was just about 10 minutes left into our flight landing one of the flight attendants had came over with some wings pins for the boys to wear, and asked if I could give them Caleb's name for a very special birthday shout out during our landing. I thought it was very nice that they were going above and beyond for us! He had no idea that it was coming, and when we landed and he heard the flight attendant wish him a very happy birthday he was the happiest little boy on that plane. DELTA exceeded my expectations, and I truly believe that no other airline can come close to the great customer service we received with them. They made my boys happy, and as a mom who has flown many other airline companies before I believe that DELTA is by far the best FAMILY airline, and caters to children of all ages. I will make sure all of our vacations can be made easier and pleasant with DELTA.

As for the homeopathic products that I used I have to say they worked, I mean really worked. I had NO jitters, NO motion sickness, and when I got off the plane for the rest of the days activities - NO jet lag what so ever. I was very happy to see that something so natural worked wonders for me. I know my body and how it normally reacts to travel, and so when I saw this big change I was very happy to know that I now can count on it each time as my travel necessities. Huge THANK YOU to BOIRON USA for making this trip smoother for me, and not only did my boys get to have a relaxing flight, but this momma did too! 

Flying smart means being prepared so I am happy I was able to do it with the help of BOIRON USA, and the great service of DELTA AIRLINES! 

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