Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Beginning of a New Decade!

It's safe to say that 2019 was quite mind blowing for me. It threw me off in so many ways and it showed. It was definitely a year of reflection for me, and I did not have the energy most of the time to get up and get things done honestly. Every year I end the year off with about 60 + blog post and this year I couldn't even do half of that, and it saddens me that that's just how bad it got for me. But it's a new year and I wont beat myself up for it, I'm just going to take in this fresh new start and own it.

I do however want to apologize to everyone that has been following my journey on here for so long. Not only have I not written much on the blog, but my instagram stories/posts have been extremely dry and less personal. This year I want to change that, and really go full on into this blog experience like I was doing before 2019 stole my soul. Damn, that was deep. But in reality that is exactly how it felt. I felt like I was walking around without a soul and as much as I threw myself into things and prayed I didn't feel quite like myself and it felt like someone stole something important from me. This year I am taking control back, and rebuilding myself, and my life. It's a whole new decade, so what better time than now.

I want to thank all of the people who stuck around, and messaged me to see how I was without even knowing my situation, encouraged me to keep writing, the random hugs when I would attend an event, which was extremely rare for me this past year. Parenthood is a lonely hood to be in most of the time, but I was blessed to have met so many amazing moms through this blogging experience that just get me, and keep me strong without even knowing they are doing just that.

I will be writing more, I will be sharing my story more, I will be attending many more events this year. I will be working with more amazing brands and companies this year. I am manifesting it, and I am putting it out into the world right now. This year will be a great year of many achievements in the blogging world, and within myself too.

Wishing you all the best. Goodbye 2019, and Hello 2020!

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