Saturday, March 14, 2020

Parenting With Anxiety and How I Get By..

When I decided to partner up with Boiron to write this blog post I had no idea our world would be basically "out of order" as we are currently going through a state of emergency in NYC, because of the coronavirus pandemic. The boys school has been closed, until further notice. So now I gotta figure out how we will be doing homeschool for the next couple weeks, so they don't fall back in their studies, and I gotta make sure we have everything we need to be okay if God forbid we need to take drastic measures. Avoiding large crowds, and unfortunately our lives right now are not the norm. I have many thoughts about this whole thing, SO many. In my heart I know me and my family will be just fine and we will get through this, and be happy and healthy. But as a mother with anxiety my mind can seem to make me feel differently at times. It's tricky though cus I never know when it will hit me, so I gotta just roll with the punches and keep it all together because my littles ones are watching, and learning from me and how I handle things, and how I deal with life's struggles.

I take a lot of pride in my best traits which I believe are patience, and calmness. I have been this way my whole entire life. But I must say lately I have been faking it to make it kind of thing. Being a mother has showed me that I am still patient and calm, but it fades out here and there and I gotta make believe I am this extremely patient and positive momma even if I am truly not at all feeling that way at that time. Because lets face it if I am not  calm, and uplifting then they wont be either. Aside from this virus, their are things that regularly have been feeding my anxiety as a parent. It's tiring, just worrying about a million things at once, yet making sure they are great and don't notice any of it. This is when I realized that I must speak to them about it. I MUST make them aware that I am strong, I am their shoulder to lean on, their shield from the bad, but I am human, and just like everyone else in the world my days are not always going to be, or feel great.

I wanted to share a couple of things that I do or use to help me get by, and parent my best through the anxiety.

Sedalia has been my best friend for about a year now I have been using it. I have recommended it to so many of my friends. I get very excited about sharing it with close friends who confide in me with their anxiety stories. I truly feel such a huge relief every time I take it, and feel the difference in my body and my mind instantly. I will not leave the house without a pack of it in my purse, and I also have a stash at my job just incase. It really has been a life changer for me in every way. Sedalia Stress Relief quick dissolving tablets are for stress, hypersensitivity and irritability due to stress. They are non habit forming and a homeopathic medicine that is non drowsy. I love how gentle it works, even when the stress is so strong. Suddenly I start to feel normally balanced, yet how a good amount of energy at the same time.  I feel so much calmer and grounded when I take them on my off days. Find it right now on WALMART for $9.99!

All things essential oils really take the edge off for me. I carry around my UpNature CALM blend so I can roll it on to my temples and my wrists whenever I need to calm my nerves on the go. I also have a oil diffuser in my room and I turn it on for just about everything, while I'm cleaning, reading, meditating or getting ready for bed. I do really believe in the power of essential oils and how helpful they can be in your day to day life.  Find this roll on oil on AMAZON for $10.00!

Lastly, what helps me during the tough moments is my faith. I can't ever stress that enough, that it is the number one solution to my anxiety. I can use all these great products but without my faith they would just be a temporary for the moment solution. My faith however re- aligns it all for me. I believe that my relationship with Jesus as helped me cope with my anxiety to where I can find stillness amid the chaos. Worship music is something I need to listen to regularly so that I can feel my tight muscles start to relax. I close my eyes and really listen to the melody, the beat, the lyrics. I feel it deep in my soul and I will sing along and for the most part I will usually cry my eyes out too, but that's when I know it's really working in my body. If you would like to listen to some of my favorite worship songs I will share some down below!

1. Good Grace - Hillsong UNITED
2. Way Maker - Leeland
3.  Oceans - Hillsong UNITED
4.  Set a Fire - Will Reagan
5. Awake my Soul - Hillsong Worship

Also, because of the virus going on we will not be able to attend our church tomorrow but we are so happy that they are bringing church to us on our TV screens. Anyone can join at the comfort of their own home, or even bed. So if you are someone who is currently dealing with anxiety, depression or just feel a weight on your shoulders or a missing piece in your life right now I would really suggest you tune in and see if it's something that can help you out during this tough time.  I will share the link down below so you can tune in tomorrow - 11AM, 1PM, 3PM, 5PM, and 7PM on the Hillsong Church East Coast YOUTUBE.

Times are tough, and even harder when you are parenting little ones so I hope that me sharing all that calms my nerves can help someone out there. If there is anything I have noticed in these past couple of years being a blogger is that I want to create work that reaches people, and mothers and fathers just like myself. It takes a village has such a different meaning in parenthood then it did before because unfortunately we all do not have the luxury of having family around, so we seek help in blogs, books, youtube videos, and our community in general. I want to be apart of that village so this year I will be sharing a lot more personal blogs where I will share many parts of my life that I usually wouldn't but it must be done because I have a feeling this is what my calling is in life.

What do you do to help ease your anxiety and worries? Share them with me in the comments below, and you will be entered to win a pack of Sedalia for yourself or a loved one that might need it! :)

- This blog post was my honest opinion 100%. I want to thank Boiron for sending me their product to review and to share with my readers!

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