Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Year + New Visions!

I can’t believe how fast 2017 flew by. I remember when it just started and my biggest vision for the year was to start up a blog. In all honesty I didn’t expect such a small vision to become something so big and amazing. I’m still a baby when it comes to this blogging world, but 2017 really was a blessing for me and this adventure I decided to take. I saw how I was so focused and making this blog happen, and it did. Goes to show me that I can do anything I put my mind heart, and soul into.

Before the year begun I knew I had to make a vision board. I hadn’t made one in quite some time. Actually never made one as a mother! So it was exciting to do something I once did when I was childless. I put all my thoughts together first on paper. Short term goals, and just a few long term ones. I made a list of simple ones I knew I could do, and then I added two or three I was not so sure of but still wanted to add to the list to kind of use it to push myself! 

I took advantage of a really good deal at Michaels and I got a white canvas, and started searching Pinterest! Once I had all the screenshots I needed I sent them to print at Walgreens. I was so excited to get started. Once it was done I felt ready to begin the new year.

I know many people say it’s just a new year. Or many say if you want change you can start any day, you shouldn’t wait for the new year. I get it, but to me every day is brand new, every day is fresh. You should never conform yourself to staying the same. So with a new year approaching why not take the leap. And if you fall off track by February, just pick yourself back up and start all over again. 

This year I have many things I would like to work on that vary from health to parenting, work and even to literature. But my New Years resolution is to do more things that make me happy. This is important for me because as a mother I always put my kids first, as it should be. But I have forgotten about me. My happiness, and not allowing others to be in charge of my happiness. I need to make my own happiness, be my own sunshine. 

Things that make me happy are for the most part things I used to do before kids. I loved reading, writing poetry, eating out at new restaurants, painting, yoga, meditation, going to church, long baths, lazy days in bed, massages/facials, and travel. As I know being a mom takes a lot of sacrifice and it’s inevitable that your life has to change up, but I can easily take the time to make some of these things happen here and there. I will be doing more things that make my soul feel good because it’s my life, and I should be in love with it. So for me 2018 is going to be a year of discovering myself again, self love and lots of self care. 

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