Saturday, December 23, 2017

HGG For The Homebody Moms!

We can start off by announcing the major fact that I am the definition of Homebody. I love everything about staying home. Whether it is a night staying in and doing nothing, or a night staying in with friends doing lots. I enjoy being indoors and staying warm on these cold winter days, so when I can do it I take full advantage of it. There is so much you can do at home that I don't think people take advantage of, especially us moms who are always running around like chickens with no heads. It's important to take a breath and do something you enjoy, without going outside sometimes. If you are a homebody momma just like myself then these awesome products are just for you! Get cozy, and pour a glass, it's the weekend baby!

1. Old Navy Thermal Pajamas: Not only are these cuties comfy but they look great on. I love pajamas that feel good but look good as well, its definite must. They are the best to lounge around in but still look stylish. They also keep you very warm and cozy. I know I am not the only one who comes home after a long day and right away changes into PJS. Its part of my routine, and just so normal now. I don't feel at home until I do. It's my way to feel like my night is beginning and relaxation has begun. These make a perfect gift for just about any age group too, and everyone needs a good pair of pajamas to get their night started off right.

2. Copper Two Wine Glass:  These wine glasses are made by moms for moms! Honestly, I don't use any other wine glasses anymore because these just stole my heart the minute I opened the package. The funny sayings are perfect, and the size is just right. I don't know about you but nothing says wind down time like a nice glass of wine. Wine is a necessity at the end of my night, so this is a perfect gift to give to someone who enjoys a nice glass during dinner, or at the end of the day, or in the middle of the day - I ain't judging!

3.  The 52 List Project Book: It is no surprise that writing is something I love doing. I have been journaling since I learned how to write. I have so many filled journals stashed in my moms home from years and years ago. It is something I have always been so passionate about, and then I had kids and I haven't journaled as much as I wish I could. This is a book that works as a journal. It comes with timed prompts to inspire you to write about different parts of your life. So it helps you express yourself differently and at the same time teaches you a little something about yourself that you probably would not have realized if you didn't sit down to jot some thoughts in writing.  Helps you stay grounded and reminds you of everything going on around you that you need to appreciate a little more during your busy days. Its a great me time kind of book to encourage you, and help you embrace life and all it has to offer.

4. The Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet: I can give you a million reasons why the Kindle Fire tablet should be a gift you give every single loved one you know! It does everything. Seriously. It can be used to read, to binge watch shows, to listen to music, to play games, to surf the web, to shop, and it also has Alexa to answer all your questions. We are a Kindle Fire family, we all have our own tablets and use them regularly for all the things I have mentioned above. It has become our downtime favorite, and our family time companion as well. We use it to play fun games together like Uno with Friends, Pictionary and Cooking Craze has become my oldest favorite, mine too I will admit. If you are an Amazon Prime member it is a great product to have as well as you can use all the benefits of Amazon Music, Amazon Books, and Amazon Prime Videos.  The price is unbeatable too for all it has to offer. If you still don't have one this is the one thing I recommend most.

5.  Most Things MOM Hat: Sadly, but truthfully you are a mom and that homebody lifestyle won't last quite long. The milk will run out, or a diaper run will be necessary. So this bad boy will be needed to hide that mom hair, and get shit done. Keep on those cozy pajamas, and throw on your Because Mom Hair hat, and do what has to be done so you can come back and lounge around. This hat saves the day for me ALL the time. I barely ever have time to do my hair so let's face it this hat has been part of my mom uniform lately. Every mom needs this hat in their life, so go out and get you one now.


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