Saturday, May 5, 2018

We appreciate our teachers with Mabel’s Labels!

Teacher Appreciation week is approaching and I absolutely LOVE our teachers. I have two boys, a first grader and a Pre Kindergartener. I remember the day we started looking into schools for my oldest, and I had so much anxiety about him starting kindergarten. Even though he has been going to school since he was two years old we were more worried for elementary as we knew it would be a big change. When we decided on a school and went for the orientation to meet the teachers I couldn’t help but pray that we would get a really good teachers for him. We were extremely blessed with what I believe to be the BEST teachers! They honestly exceeded my expectations, and made me feel so comfortable and calm so fast. From the constant communication, to all the cute photos sent to me during the day to reassure me that he was having a good time. I was so happy to know that my son was in good hands, at all times. These women comforted him when he was scared, made him laugh when he was sad, and made him smile when he was worried. They brought peace of mind to myself every single school day, and helped us both have a smooth transition into the school setting. We were lucky enough to have his head teacher move up with him to 1st grade as well, which I was so happy about. She truly became part of our family, and the time and effort she put not only into my son, but into all of us was such a humble thing to experience! My son is excelling in school, and it was something we worried about when he first began too, but he is excelling so well because of her. Teachers work endlessly to make sure our babies are always doing well. Spending their own money, their own off the clock time, to not just teach- but engage with each child & their family. As an educator myself I know just how invested you can get in this field of work, and it takes so much heart to do, day in day out. 

To celebrate them, and show them how appreciated they are we teamed up with Mabel’s Labels to give them each their very own name labels and name tag! Teachers have a million pencils, planners, and folders -so we knew they would love them, and at the same time put them to great use! The boys loved being able to design the label for each teacher and are so excited to give them ones just like the ones they have! The birthday party pack is perfect because it comes with 6 different name packs that each include five personalized name stickers and one personalized bag tag, all for just $30! It’s the perfect gift for amazing teachers that go above and beyond when it comes to the little people who mean the most to us. 

- This product was sent to us for review, but all opinions are of our own! We have been huge fans of Mabel’s Labels always! :) 

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