Monday, April 30, 2018

My Hair Transformation + Hair Care w/ Shea Moisture.

When it comes to my hair, we have been through a lot. The minute I turned 15 and my mother gave me the okay to do as I pleased with it, let’s just say I made some terrible decisions, and my bad decisions kept going even late into my 20s. I should have known better by then, I know! But I have always been someone who needs constant change, because I feel like I need it to evolve myself. 

When I turned 28 I decided I was no longer going to put any harsh chemicals into my hair, no dyes, no parabens, no sulfates. I went through this huge discovery that I needed to take better care of every single part of me, including my hair care. So I did a ton of research, and from that day forward I didn’t buy anything until I read the ingredients, and as stunning as the packaging looked - if it had a word I was looking out for I wouldn’t buy it. My main goal was to repair my hair from all the damage I had caused it, to make it stronger, so that I can finally go blonde. It was something I had done back when I turned 21 but because I wasn’t financially stable at the time being a college student I didn’t keep it because we all know blonde hair takes A LOT of maintenance. I decided I would wait until I was in my 30s to go back to what I considered hair goals. 

Just one month ago I took the leap and got some full head highlights at a local hair salon in Hells Kitchen named Nica and Sam. I was recommended by a friend who gets her blonde done there, and I am happy with my decision. They were so friendly, and so efficient! I was expecting to be in that chair all morning, all afternoon... but Lola was fast, yet very detailed with her work. She made sure she didn’t miss anything, and she explained everything she was doing to my hair, and why. I already know I will be returning to her once I decide it’s time to go lighter. 

I knew that with the decision of going blonde I would have to take extra care of  my hair. So when I was introduced to the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey + Yogurt hair line I was sold right on the spot. This line is to help hydrate and repair dry and brittle hair, which is usually what bleach does to your hair so I knew this was going to be my savior. It’s also made with fair trade ingredients and NO animal testing done. It has none of the ingredients that I have decided to stay away from which is perfect. Not only does it work but it smells amazing. It’s ultra moisturizing and leaves my hair silky smooth. I love that a little goes a long way. I have been using it once a week for the past month, and I’m still not even half way done with it. 

Part of the line is the multi action leave in spray, and let me tell you it’s gotta be my favorite product from the line because I have been using it daily, on my hair but also for the boys hair. I have been trying not to over use it but I just can’t help myself. At night right after a bath I detangle the boys hair with it, and I do the same after my shower. Then in the morning I have been using it to style our hair for the beginning of the day. I’m pretty obsessed with it! It helps fight frizz and the appearance of split ends which has always been one of my biggest hair care concerns. I have already seen such a big difference in my ends, and I love how light weight it is. Usually with leave in sprays and conditioners I would have lots of build up but there is no build up left in the hair no matter how much you use it. The boys have gotten so many compliments on their hair too when we use it, and everyone will always say how good their hair smells, because it is such a perfect scent! 

There is really no going back now. I will be hooked, and so thankful that Shea Moisture made a line that felt was made so specifically for me and all my main hair care needs. If you haven’t tried out the Manuka Honey + Yogurt line I would highly suggest you do. It has allowed me to put down the straightener and just enjoy the natural look without looking like a hot mess!

- These products were gifted to me, but all opinions are 100% my own, and honest. 


  1. I like the smell of Shea gonna check them out, I need to pay more attention to my hair

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