Sunday, June 23, 2019

Creating Summer Memories with KiwiCo

With tons of subscription boxes in the market, there is no way you think you can make the "right choice" but something really caught my eye about KiwiCo! It's only fair that they get a little monthly surprise in the mail just as I do with all my makeup monthly subscriptions, so I loved that I could get them one box that they could both work together and create. I am trying to instill in them teamwork on a daily basis, because I wont sugarcoat anything - these kids for the most part can't get a long, and with school out and summer here it gets even worse. They are around each other 24-7 which means not much team work going on at all, and LOTS of arguments, and fighting. So finding things they can do together that isn't too hard but also challenging enough for them to learn that by teamwork they will get it done better. KiwiCo is for our little engineers in the making! Hands on science and art projects for kids of all ages. Whats great is that every box is designed by experts and tested by kids. If you haven't heard of the STEAM program - ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math ) it's been an amazing tool that many schools have been embracing in their curriculums!  There are seven lines to pick from depending on your child's age/ or interest. We are currently subscribed to KiwiCrate since it is for ages 5 to 8 which is exactly the ages of both of the boys. But whats awesome is there is no commitment to one line, you can always chose to change it up if you believe its not the best one to fit your kids interests. 

I genuinely love all that comes in the crate, because it wasn't just the hands on activity, but it also came with a handbook that teaches you a topic, and games to go with it. Plus extra activities you can easily make as well with regular every day things in your home. For example last months topic was on Arcade Games, and we got to make our own Claw Machine. Which was so much fun for both of the boys, and super simple for them to get done. But VERY hands on at the same time where they felt like they were big boys doing big boy things. It can really bring out their confidence and I could see it in their eyes as they were building the claw, how excited they were to be making this all on their own, and how proud they were at the end results. 

In this clip we are playing the infamous carnival game but instead of a hammer we are using a pencil to move the penny up the number thermometer to check your "strength". They loved it. They also had other ones like a fortune teller ball that you could drop the penny while asking a question and it would either drop to the yes or no ball to answer their question. They really loved these simple games that were just an add on extra to the main activity. 

Here is our final claw results, and we used our own stuffies instead of the pom poms they send you to add our own little twist to it. They still play this claw game every day and use all kinds of objects to make it a bit more challenging.

We can't wait to receive our next box soon and share with you guys!!!
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