Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Knights in Training At Medieval Times

Last year we went to Medieval Times to enjoy a fun filled Dinner and Tournament. It was such a fun time for us, but this time around we were invited to enjoy some more action with a VIP treatment. It was the best time ever, and it made the boys feel like real knights. I  going to share all of our favorite parts of the day, plus three reasons why I would go back again! 

Jace’s Favorite Part: (Eight years old) 

I really liked learning from the Knights in the show. When we got to stand in the arena it looked bigger than when you see it in your seat. I liked learning all the cool moves that you can do with your sword, and other weapons that they can use. They make you feel strong! I also got to ask the head knight some questions and he was very nice and answered them all! It was so much fun.

Caleb’s Favorite Part: (Five years old)

My favorite part was when the yellow knight won the competition because that was our team that we were rooting for, and every time he won a challenge we were able to scream and yell for him, and then it was also fun BOOing the other knights because it was a competition so we only rooted for the yellow knight, and he was the strongest so he won the whole thing!! He was the best one there, and I was so happy he won!

Dad’s Favorite Part: (Grumpy OLD man)

I really enjoyed getting to speak to the knights and see just how much training and hard work they put into being a knight. I also truly enjoy how much of a fun family environment it is and the experience I get to enjoy with my family every time we go there. It is always memorable, and something we can look back on as a great time together!

Mom’s Favorite Part: (FOREVER young! ;) ) 

I’m going to be such a mom right now and just say it. My favorite part of the whole experience was just being able to watch them be happy, and excited. Seeing them cheer and be so amazed at the whole show was a great feeling. Not having to worry if they were bored, or being asked a million times if it was almost over. I loved that it genuinely kept their full attention and they loved every second of it. It allowed me as a mom to sit down and enjoy it as well. I got to enjoy my drink and my food, and not have to convince my child to eat or sit down. It was a time for me to enjoy too, and that’s a rare thing in motherhood. 

Three Reasons I would come back AGAIN, and AGAIN! :

  • Whether you are in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, ETC it is such an easy ride over. You hear New Jersey and you believe it will be such a mission, but it's not at all. Also the location of the castle is in a great area too where you can walk over and you can travel to and from. Just bring the bug spray because they are all over the place once the sun sets!
  • It is never the same exact show. I love how they switch it up and they make it feel different every single time. It isn't always what you expect, and it leaves suspense every time you go!
  • Every single person working in that castle is AMAZING. Their personalities, their insights that they share, and their kindness all around. We have not once had any issues when we were there and it goes to show that they put a lot of effort into creating a staff that is their to help in all ways at any time. Great service is a BIG deal to us, and so its always a fun time when you are surrounded by professional, yet fun and energetic people. 

  • To fill the arena for the horses and knights safety it requires 40,000 pounds of sand!
  • The alabarda is a cross between a battle-axe and a spear. It is used by foot soldiers to keep the enemy at a distance. A point is added to the back of the weapon so if the enemy was missed on the forward stroke, he could be stabbed with a backward thrust.
  • Training can take anywhere from 6 months to two years for a Squire before he becomes a Knight.

It was another memorable show, and I can't wait to share some more behind the scenes of The Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, NJ on our next adventure soon to come!

- Thank you Medieval Times for hosting us on this VIP experience at your castle.
ALL opinions are 100% honest!

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