Friday, December 11, 2020

Celebrating the Holiday's through Storytelling!


The holiday's are always such a magical time. All the bright lights; and cheery music! I honestly don't know a better time of year. And though this year might look a bit different for some of us around the world - something no one can take away from you is being able to read a good book that can magically transport you to amazing places all over the world without even having to leave your couch. 

Reading has always been something we take seriously in our home. And for me it has been my companion during my lonely days away from family and friends. Reading books that make me believe I am in a winter wonderland; or in Whoville christmas caroling. Down below I am sharing some of our current favorite holiday stories that not only put us in a good mood; but reminds us about the beauty and excitement of the holiday season!

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Amazon Holiday Book Collection

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