Monday, December 4, 2017

Moms can have Advent Calendars too! #SephoraHoliday2017

December 1st just came through real quick on us, and it feels like there wasn't even a November. I can't believe that the countdown to Christmas has officially begun. As a mom, the holidays are quite frankly all about the boys for me, and I love making it as special as possible for them. I like to keep traditions going that I myself did with my family when I was around their age, so advent calendars are a must have every year in our home. They enjoy having some kind of special way to countdown the days, and it gives them something to look forward to each day. Just wondering what the chocolate of the day will be, and how yummy it will taste to end the night.

Just when I thought Christmas was only for kids, Sephora made me believe again. A special Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar of my own, with 24 makeup, bath, and accessory surprises to help me countdown till Christmas - because moms deserve a little surprise here and there too! I love that I have something to look forward to each morning or night to try out and use for that day. I am currently on Day three and I love the variety and suspense of what will be next.

Sephora has many advent calendars going on right now in stores and online, but this one caught my attention for many reasons. Not only is the box a stunning design to keep alongside your nightstand or get ready area, but it is also not one set category so it makes it much more interesting. Will you get a makeup product, or will you get a face mask? Either way your winning! It's such a great way to find some new favorites that you never thought about giving a shot.

For instance this morning for Day 3 I found the Sephora Fingertip eyeliner in 01- Smart Black. Let me start off by saying I have been playing around with makeup for over 17+ years now, and I still can't figure out how to perfect my winged liner. There will be days where just out of pure luck it comes out amazing, and then there's plenty of days where they just can't seem to get it together and come out looking the same. So when I saw this I thought it was very interesting that you hold the tip of the liner on your finger - but still I was skeptical of how practical it really was. Compared to all my regular tries at winged liner, this one was by far the fastest yet best result I have gotten. I wasn't expecting it to be that simple yet so precise. It is something I now want to automatically stock up on, and rave about to everyone because it was THAT GOOD. Seriously! And just like that, I found myself a holy grail item without ever hearing about it until I found it in this Advent Calendar.

I am pretty sure this won't be the only holy grail product I will find in it that I will go and purchase a full size of in stores. This will also become a brand new holiday tradition for myself because Christmas doesn't have to be just for the kids, we deserve a little pampering and joy too! If makeup is something that makes you feel all giddy inside than you should definitely make it a holiday tradition for yourself as well. Grab one now, because it's not too late to treat yo self to some Winter Wonderland surprises, and countdown to Christmas with some good old me-time.

You can get your Sephora Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar now on or in stores for 20% off right now retailing at $55.00

I received this product for review purposes, but all opinions are 100% honest, and my own. 

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