Friday, December 8, 2017

No Holiday Drama with Mabels Labels & CVS Photos!

Every year I procrastinate when its time to get the annual holiday cards ready. I don't necessarily know why, but I do - every single year. I guess it is because I do it all on my own, and the hassle of it all drives me a bit nuts. I would make the address labels on my own, and I would take the holiday photos of the boys at the house, and buy all the props for it. I would then have to write the same message over and over again on each card. It was very time consuming, and my hand would cramp when I would hit around card 45. So of course when I realized I could make my life easier by getting this all done, and personalized exactly how I wanted to - I didn't hesitate to start early this year. 

Mabels Labels came out with the cutest Holiday collection, and I could not make up my mind about what exactly I wanted to personalize. After a long time of indecisiveness, I chose their Holiday wraparound address labels. 32 labels for just $14.99! You really can't beat that, a huge steal I would say. They have eight different holiday styles to chose from, and they are seriously all so darn cute!  I chose the style: the string of lights, in which I was able to personalize with our name and address. They came out exactly how I wanted, and I got so many compliments on them already. 

When it came to the photos we were lucky enough to be invited to a special event at Santa HQ at Queens Center Mall, where we got to meet good old Saint Nick himself, so as soon as I saw the end results I knew this was the perfect photo for the cards! Instead of driving myself crazy by buying boxes of cards to write in I decided to go to CVS Photo Center to create my holiday cards. It literally took me five minutes to create something I LOVED. It was simple, but with a classical feel. So ideal as well since I made them at the store, and received them in just 15 minutes of walking around the aisles waiting for them. That's a huge #MomWin for me! 

If you don't want to add more stress to your holiday season then you should most definitely do the same, and go check out Mabels Labels! It was a great decision, and now I can stress out about everything else instead. 

*- These products were sent to me for review purposes, but as always all opinions are of my own, and I only promote companies that I fully stand by, and believe in - 

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