Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A day fit for two little kings at The Medieval Times!

We were able to go back in time to the Middle Ages in Europe to be exact. It was only two hours, but it was a great time travel we got to experience together. We met strong and fearless knights, plus the Queen herself. After 34 years of it being a king in charge they decided it was time for the Queen to step up and take her thrown!

I have never been to Medieval Times so I was super excited to make it a first time experience together for myself and the boys. We didn’t really know what to expect, but as soon as we set our eyes on the castle I knew it was going to be marvelous! We got in and we’re given our table tickets that showed we would be rooting for the yellow knight so we were off to get our yellow crowns that the kids absolutely loved. We walked around as their was so much to see, like the huge variety of swords they were selling. We were told what entrance to go through so we could sit on our section where only the yellow knight team would be sitting. I loved how each section was lit up with its team color. Our hostess was amazing and super helpful through out the whole time. She got us some booster seats to help the boys feel more comfortable in their seats, and she got us straws for the boys cups so they wouldn’t spill anything in the dark. 

As soon as the show began we starting cheering and you could feel the excitement in the room. When our knight came out on his beautiful horse the boys couldn’t help but stand up and cheer him on. The action was non stop from there on and everyone was loving it. It was fun watching my boys get so into it that they were even booing our rival teams. Momma even got thrown a beautiful flower from our yellow knight himself! 

Let’s talk food. As it was honestly Mom and Dads  favorite part. They started us off with some yummy tomato soup and garlic bread. Then a little after that they came around with the huge piece of chicken which was perfectly seasoned and some corn and potato wedges. It was just absolutely delicious that even my little picky eaters devoured it. Mom and Dad took full advantage that you could order bar drinks at your seats so we decided to enjoy a beer, which came in a nice souvenir cup! As the boys loved their lemonades that were just right, not too sour not too sweet. After the food their was dessert and coffee. Just when you thought it couldn’t get better they bring out the butter loaf cake, and it was a great sweet treat to end the show with. 

I loved that everything was made so convenient, everything was brung to us, very fast and sufficiently. We didn’t have to do anything but sit their and enjoy ourselves. Which is honestly the best thing about the experience. As a mom that has gone to plenty of shows with my kids, standing in long lines to then figure out how I’m going to get us to our seats with my hands completely full I loved the simplicity that  Medieval Times gives us parents who already walk in with our hands full. It was the easiest show we have been to where I really just sat back and enjoyed it just as much as they did with no hustle and bustle required! 

I have honestly no complaints at all. The show had us mesmerized and the food had our bellies happy. The whole staff was friendly and super helpful at all times. Very well organized, so when you do go please don’t forget to tip your hostess generously because they work very hard to make your time there memorable and very easy.  We will be going back again for sure as Jace is now learning all about the Middle Ages in class! He was so excited to tell his classmates about the experience and all he learned from it. It’s definitely something every child would love and remember forever. So make it a family day, and add it on to their joyous childhood memories. You can even celebrate your birthday. 

Grab your tickets for the Dinner & Tournament show at !!!! 

- We were hosted by Medieval Times in Lyndhurst NJ, but all opinions are of our own.


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  2. I loveeee Medieval Times!!! The food is my favorite part too lol Can't wait for my little one to be a little older so we can take him, Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves.

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