Monday, May 22, 2017

My Top 3 Picks from the NY Baby Show! #MTBLOGGERLOUNGE


This post is sponsored but as always all opinions are of my own! I only share things with you guys that I truly do love and believe in.

This was our first year attending the NY Baby show thanks to Mom Trends. We got super lucky as the event was held on Pier 94, just three blocks from our home! My youngest accompanied me and got to enjoy some awesome blogger kid perks. When we first got there he was ready to play in the Blogger lounge which he climbed through tunnels and did some fun arts & crafts! We then hit the booths! There were SO many we had no idea where to begin. But here goes my list of my top 3 products! I choose ones that would work for a family like mine with youngest being three years old. He isn't much of a baby anymore but we found some awesome products that work just as much for his age as for babies younger too ! 


1. Sage Spoonfuls Snack Baggies

Have you ever thought how much money you are spending on plastic sandwich bags? And let's not even talk about how many you just keep throwing away! My boys are big snackers, wherever we go I must have snacks in my bag ready! These bad boys are reusable washable and come in different patterns and sizes! My son loves everything Dinosaurs; so he was excited to see these! They are so convenient for on the go snacking or even for school lunch packing. I have been on the hunt for something exactly like this so I was stoked! Realizing that I won't be wasting money any longer on baggies every month feels great! Extra bonus : they come with a bag handle for easy carrying too! This is a product that can be used for ages 6months to elementary school aged kids! 


2. Inno Baby Silicone Bath Scrub

We couldn't even wait to start using this scrubber. My oldest absolutely LOVES it already. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be a big hit with my boys. They already love bath time ; but now they have one more reason to love it. I love it too because I know longer have to rinse wash cloth after wash cloth. You can use it over and over without having to worry about odor problems, and it feels good on the skin. It also bubbles up just like a loofah would. If you ask me; it's perfect. I think I'll be stealing it for some bath fun as well! 

3. Mabel's Labels
Starter pack is $34.99

You dont realize how important it is to label everything until you have kids. Kids that lose just about everything! Both of my boys are in school - my youngest goes to daycare and it's very necessary for us to label everything down to his shoes. But it's hard to find labels that are durable and can handle the every day life of a three year old ! These labels can take on the roughest and toughest days! Dish washer and laundry safe! They have labels for just about everything you can think of! Because let's face it sharpies and scotch tape don't do the job for more than a day or two! Plus you can customize them with a cute design ! So even if your child can't read their name yet ; they will know theirs is the one with the cool spaceship on it! Every mom should have these! Summer camp is approaching and I will be putting these to very good use again! 

I saw so many other things that caught my eye but I wanted to share with you my most favorite that work with many different ages. PLUS all three of these products are no more than $50 dollars or less! As a momma myself I know we all love a good deal! They are all products that are also made to make our lives much simpler and easier. Because nothing about being a mom is easy - so convenient every day products are a lifesaver for us! 
We had an amazing time at the NY baby show. From awesome finds to cool ballon swords; and chatting with other NY families. A great time learning new things while at the same time getting to enjoy the wonderful world of parenting ! 

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