Monday, May 1, 2017

My growth comes from being a mother.


I believe that some fights are not worth your time. But most importantly they are not helping your growth. Since I became a mom I have watched myself change ; a lot. The person I was last year is not the person I am today. Some people may think that is terrible. But I think it's amazing. It is amazing to me that I am capable of changing my thought process ; my attitude towards people and things. To realize that you have that power and no one else can power your way of  being. Only you. As a teenager I always allowed others to make or break my mood. I even allowed different situations to affect my mood. I was quick to jump to conclusions; I would keep myself stuck in a bad mood ; and I had very low self confidence. As you get older you come to the conclusion that things must change. I became a mom and my mind was running on a million thoughts a minute. I started to gain a whole new outlook on life and different situations. I grew more confident in my own skin. I have these amazing little human beings looking up to me and relying on me and I guess that helped me find my full potential as a person. I learned to be more understanding; to be more of a listener rather than someone who always has to put input. I figured out what resonates with my soul and how to push aside the things that dont. I truly believe that being a mother taught me the most important things about life. It taught me how to fully genuinely love myself ; and all of my flaws that make me who I am. It taught me how to be more kind and mindful of others opinions and feelings. I find myself constantly non judging people all the time. Like I can instantly find reasoning in almost everything. I have learned that not everyone will agree with you or believe the same things you believe and that's okay. I have learned to just allow people to be who they are with out letting it change my character. I realized that not every fight or argument is worth fighting. I used to always want to have the last word or add in a quick sassy remark; but I have noticed it doesn't necessarily make me the winner. At least it doesn't feel like it. People are so quick to argue and fight over such little things. We have become so accustomed to believe that we have to stand up for ourselves ; and show that we are tough and won't allow others to step all over you.... without really thinking about what you are fighting for -  what outcome you really want at the end. When I watch my kids fight over a toy and I stop them to figure it all out - it seems pretty simple of a situation to fix. But adults do the same thing. We find every reason to raise our voice and one up the next person. Without realizing that your pride is stopping your growth. We are so powered up to show how passionate we are about something - but forget to show that passion in the right way. As adults we tell our kids to think before they act; and we seriously need to take that same advice. Kindness is at an all time low in our world right now ; only because people aren't practicing it in their every day lives with the people around them. We can't expect the world to change if you can't even change your attitude with the people you are surrounded by daily. Anger and frustration is okay to feel but we can't let it hover over us all day. Eventually it will be a feeling you automatically can push to the side as soon as you feel it building up. I have been taught so much in these past 6 years as a mother. I believe I have been taught so much more in these 6 years than in my whole 30 years of living.  Crazy to believe that I gave them life ; but at the end of it all they taught me all about life. I have a very important job now ; to show them all they have taught me, through my actions. This is the real test. Show them why you react to certain things the way you do. Why do you do certain things when it is not asked of you. I am raising my tribe; and as they watch my every move - I need to make sure I pass. 

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