Monday, March 19, 2018

Homework Time Made Easy with Singing Machine Now available on AMAZON.

When this momma says it’s time for homework, I am sure the people on the 20th floor can hear their cries for help. It is seriously a stressful time for all of us. My oldest is in 1st grade but he’s learning things I remember learning in like 3rd grade. Crazy how much things change in just a couple years, but I also understand why. My youngest is just learning the basics of writing his letters and the right way to use a pencil, so he’s got it the easiest right now. Still, managing two homework packets while trying to get dinner ready, laundry folded, and lunches for the next day packed is quite a handful.

My oldest does a lot of math work. For the most part his packet involves him to do two pages of math homework every night. They have something called No Hesitation Math where he has to answer 24 basic addition/subtraction problems in one minute! This has been difficult for him, but he needs to learn to do it as fast as possible to help him learn them by heart. Sometimes he over thinks a problem which loses him some time for the rest, or he wants me to check all the answers right away. 

When our friends from The Singing Machine sent us over their Wise Ol’ Owl Blackboard Calculator I knew this would be the perfect thing to help us out during homework time. It has really been a time saver for the both of us! As soon as he is done with his work he uses the calculator to easily check all of his work, and make the corrections he needs to make. Like this I don’t need to stop everything I am doing to check it. Not only does it give him reassurance that he is doing it right, but responsibility for his own work! He also loves that it speaks the numbers as you push them. The numbers are nice and clear and easy to see, so they don’t need any assistance when it comes to using it.  It has a great feature as well if you want it in Spanish or French instead. He loves putting it in Spanish mode to hear all the numbers differently, and it’s teaching him how to say the bigger numbers. Unfortunately this Latina Mom has only taught her kids to count to 15 in Spanish, don’t judge me - I promise I’m getting to it. Lol. 

The Singing Machine Wise Ol’ Owl Blackboard Calculator has been a daily use for us, and now I can get dinner done with fewer pauses. Not any at all, because I still have children! Lol, but definitely not as many pauses as before. It’s the perfect homework companion for all elementary school aged children. You can now get your very own on Amazon. The links are all down below if you are interested! 

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The product was sent to us for review purposes, but all opinions are honest. 

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