Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Weekend Fun with Goliath

This weekend was a pretty chilly one. Spring is right around the corner but the winter wants to stay in NYC. So when it’s still too cold for the park we have to find other means of entertainment, which isn’t hard when you have Goliath games! 

We got a really awesome package from Goliath that literally saved our weekend! If you know my boys you know getting them outside when it isn’t 70 degrees outside is a mission. So for the most part we stayed in and still had a super fun time just creating and playing. 

March is National Craft Month and I love getting crafty. I’m 100% sure that’s where they get their artsy side! The boys love painting coloring collaging and learning new things to create with a billion different colors. We got this amazing painting easel set called Paint Sation! It comes with no spill paint pods that easily attach to the easel on the side to make it a simple and mess free project. No spills no drips and paint is washable. They even have a cool on the go one that’s a bit smaller but I believe this one is pretty good for on the go too! I know we will be taking it with us to the piers one day to have a fun outdoor day of art. 

We also played Greedy Granny which will have your kids laughing the whole time. Granny has fallen asleep with her snacks on her tray.  Collect all four snacks without waking her up and you are the winner. It was so much fun not knowing if she would pop up from her sleep. The boys loved it so much! We played it over and over again. In this day and age that everything has to do with technology it makes me happy that companies like Goliath Games is keeping it simple and showing the fun of hands on games, that are family friendly but also teach them something within the game. 

There are so many more games and craft sets  that we will share along the way from Goliath, but these two were the big hits for this weekend! You can pick these products up at your local ToysRUs or online! 

What are you going to be making during National Craft Month?! 

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