Friday, March 9, 2018

Squad Goals with Marvels Universe Live!

Like every other child in the world my boys love superheroes! They can’t necessarily choose a favorite because they love many of them for different reasons. They dress up as superheroes around the house and create new ones, and from time to time fight over who will be Spider-Man. It’s a pretty big deal in our home. I mean who doesn’t want to have super powers. I would love to fly from web to web in milliseconds to get to school pick up on time without losing my breath within two blocks! I know most mommas would agree with me on this one.

When we found out Marvels was going on tour and coming to Brooklyn, we knew it was a must for us to attend. When I tell you it was by far the best action packed kids show we have ever been to, I’m not exaggerating! We were all completely mesmerized by all that was going on at once. We loved how all of the superheroes had their very own special part in the show, and all brung something different to the show. 

Marvels Universe Live Age of Heroes produced by Feld Entertainment, with over 25 characters and one epic quest! They must work together to defeat Loki to protect the universe from evil. There are also many other villains such as Nebula, Green Goblin, Rhino, etc. It’s a perfect family show! The boys were even more excited when Black Panther made his grand appearance. 

The Feld Entertainment company are such amazing people and put much thought into making this spectacular show for families to be able to bond and enjoy together. They casted it so perfectly, and made everything so eye catching - from the costumes to the make up, and the way they made sure their was never a  dull moment. It is a show we all could have most definitely watched all over again, and again. 

The fun is all done at Barclay Center, but they will be at The Prudential Center from March 15 to March 18 and then all over the US for another year. Go check out the schedule and make sure you get tickets to the best family night ever! 

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