Friday, March 2, 2018

Meeting WWE Superstar Emma at The Wrestling Universe Store

If you have been following for quite some time now you know we are on a mission to meet as many WWE superstars as possible! Last year we shared our meet and greet with Daniel Bryan and Big Show at Play Fair! We also got to sit in on a really cool Q&A with them. It was really the highlight of Play Fair for us. Toys are great but anything WWE related is even more awesome to them!

So when we found out that Emma would be at our all time favorite store in Queens, The Wrestling Universe - we knew the cold commute over would be so worth it! 

It was set up so well where we didn’t have to be waiting outside in the cold. It also wasn’t super rushed where we felt like we were in and out. She took her time to acknowledge us, and the boys. She spoke to them and complimented them on their hair, and even asked them some questions. The staff working the event nicely took a couple shots for us on our phone, and then some photos with their camera which we got to see on their Facebook page the very next day. We we’re worried because we completely forgot to bring something for her to sign, but luckily they had it all figured out with very well printed big and sturdy photos of her to get autographed! It was most definitely a night to remember, and the looks on their faces when they saw her sitting there greeting them to come over was just priceless. They couldn’t stop saying how pretty she looked after. Let’s just say Emma now has a very special place in their heart from here on. She was our first WWE women’s division superstar to meet, but hopefully not the last. 

If you are a big wrestling fan and you have never been to The Wrestling Universe store in Queens NY, then you are missing out on something epic! Aside from the arenas where they watch the shows, The Wrestling Universe is the boys favorite place to be. It’s rooms and rooms filled with any WWE superstar you can think of, and great deals! You can check out our youtube video this past summer when we visited! (The Chulo Brothers) A huge plus is the staff is so friendly, helpful and just down right amazing. We make it a family outing atleast every other month to go down and visit, and the boys always leave very happy. They have many different meet and greets every month as well so be sure to check them out on social media to see what they may have coming up soon! 

So thank you to Tenille Dashwood AKA Emma, and The Wrestling Universe for making my boys dreams come true! It was a fantastic night we will always remember. 

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