Friday, August 23, 2019

ALL things BACK to SCHOOL!

I can't believe its ALREADY that time. Time flew right by, and part of me of course is sad that summer break is over, but another part of me feels like I can finally get my life back together. LOL. Going back to the regular structured school schedule will be difficult, and it will take some getting used to again, but at the same time it will be good for us all. Jace is heading into 3rd grade, I really don't know how that happened so fast. Our little baby Caleb is no longer a baby anymore guys and he is on his way to Kindergarten so he can finally join his big brother at his school. This momma is very happy about one pick up spot, and one drop off spot. No more running around from one place to another. I know though that this wont solve absolutely everything, and I most likely will still be running from place to place - but at least it will be in the same building - running from one classroom to another. I survived last school year, so lets just hope I have it in me for this one too!

I have made a list of some of my go to favorite school necessities for this year that I have found helpful and think you might need in your life too!

What Should Danny Do? School Days. Because who doesn't want to read their kids a book about making the right choices at school? As a parent I do worry that my children will make bad choices when it comes to behavior at school, and it’s something I speak to them about daily. I remind them to behave, and listen to their teacher because it is always better to be kind and respect your teacher! This book is super interactive where they see that they have the power to choose and shows them how their actions make a difference. Your choices will always stay with you through out the day, so it’s a great book for them to read before heading back to school, with a new teacher, new classroom, and new classmates.Grab your copy now and show your kids the power to choose! (GIVEAWAY RULES DOWN BELOW)

Schools back in, and it’s time to get to work. Caleb is starting Kindergarten so sight words is a big deal. It’s the best way to get children to learn how to read so all summer we have been trying many different methods to teach him his sight words. I found out about Mrs.Wordsmith and loved the idea right off the bat. They are these small workbooks broken up into editions and they have circles with many different sight words for the age, and around the circle a sentence using that specific sight word. Then the child has to find the sticker that matches the word and stick it on top. I loved this whole idea because what kid does not love stickers!? You get to play with stickers and learn at the same time. It’s perfect! Plus it’s all so bright and colorful that it instantly catches their attention. I found them to be very helpful, and has given Caleb lots of confidence with his basic first time sight words, that now during the school year we can move onto the next book of words!

A couple years ago I found out about Oilogic, and loved their cold & cough line. The boys got salt baths, and I would roll on the oils as soon as I noticed slight symptoms and just like that they would go away. I am a huge believer of their children’s cold/cough line and their sleep line. This year they sent me their new line which is perfect for back to school. They now have two new oils for our mini scholars called “Anxious and Nervous” and also “Attention and Focus”. I don’t know about you, but when I think about back to school those four words are the feelings I am stressing out about. Will my child feel nervous, or get anxious in a new setting? Will my child not be able to focus or listen to their teacher? Now with these bad boys I no longer have to worry about it. This week my little one had his Kindergarten orientation, and he had said he was a little scared so I was like YES, perfect time to test it out. And I’m glad to say it worked, really well. We got there and he said he felt better and not one tear, all smiles. You know I will be using these through the whole school year for both boys. Perfect for test days when they need to feel more confident!

I can’t do a back to school blog without sharing my favorites every single school year- Mabel’s Labels! I always rave about their amazing labels that I put on absolutely everything. You can see them on many of the pictures on this post alone. We can do a I Spy Mabel’s labels all through my house, seriously. This school year though they came out with their clothing stampers and now I’m just stamping away. This personalized clothing stamp labels all your kids’ tag-less garments with just one quick and easy press. The stamp is preloaded with black ink, which means there’s no mess and you never have to worry about a drying pad. Label that pile of clothes at record speed and you won’t have to worry about them getting lost again! 
Get yours here:

Lastly, I wanted to share MyWish4u ! Lunch notes are something I have been doing for a while now, and both of my boys love getting notes from me, but let’s face it it gets tiring to think up something every single time. Now with two I’m going to have to use my time wisely instead of coming up with unique notes to put in their lunchboxes. I am so excited to share that they have now came out with Spanish notes! My boys are still learning Spanish so these will be perfect once they get the hang of it, but it’s great that they are expanding their languages. The whole focus of the MyWish4U Company is to provide a unique and positive way of communicating with kids.  Our goal is making “Happier Kids Daily.”  The entire line of books is geared to making it easier for parents to let their kids know they are thought about and loved! For just $4.99 you are getting 101 pages, so two packs can last year a whole school year and more! The backside of the note is blank for a special note or doodle from the parent/caregiver.It’s a fun way for parents to let their kids know they are being thought about even when at school. I know my kids absolutely love it when I throw in something personalized for them into their lunch, because its a great little reminder that even though I am far and not with them at that time, I am still thinking about them and love them! It can change up their mood in the middle of the day when they are feeling lonely, tired or in a bad mood. I really feel like it can fully change their mind state if it hasn't been that great of a day. As an adult I would sure love a pick me up right in the middle of a work day - wouldn't you?  - HURRY though because they will only be available at Target for another week. So go stock up now, in english or Spanish!

NOW here's the fun part of this post : GIVEAWAY TIME! TWO followers can win either a lunchbox filled with NOTAS PARA EL ALMUERZO from MyWish4U, and a $20 TARGET gift card and/or a Copy of What Should Danny DO School Days book, poster and stickers. This giveaway will be running from AUGUST 23rd - AUGUST 27th! All you have to do is FOLLOW my instagram & then go comment below on the instagram post about this BACK TO SCHOOL blog post for your chance to win!

- Thank you to all of the brands who sent us their amazing products to review and share with our following! We are grateful. ALL opinions are 100% Honest!!!!

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