Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Jump Around At SkyZone New Rochelle

A couple weeks ago we were invited to visit the New Rochelle location of SkyZone. You might know of them by their orange socks, but let me tell you - the experience is liberating. Weird word for me to use for an indoor trampoline place right? But I’m serious. This place is for all ages, and you walk out feeling like the best version of yourself, each time. 

The first time we went to a SkyZone the boys were very young, so though they had a great time jumping, they weren’t as fearless as they are now to try out obstacle courses, or dive into a pit of foam blocks. This time around they tried it all, over and over and I know it made them feel like big boys with big boy attitude! 

I will be sharing all of our favorite parts of the trip. Plus three random facts I think everyone should know before going to SkyZone!

Jace - 

I like basketball so I had fun shooting hoops while jumping really high. I tried to touch the rim of the hoop but I am still not tall enough. I still had fun because I got so many shots in. I did really good at it, and I tried all three sizes and even the highest one was pretty easy for me to do. 


I had so much fun playing dodgeball because you got to jump really high, and also throw the balls really far to try and get the other players out. The balls didn't hurt either, just a little. It was a fun time with my family! They had an arcade section too, and I love arcade games a lot.


I really enjoyed all of it. Staying active with the boys is very important to me, and I love watching them get all of their energy out. But my most favorite part of it all would have to be the foam pit, where you could throw yourself into them and try your best to get out, which was a lot harder than I expected - but a lot of fun! Plus the free jump into the blow up floor because it felt like you were sinking into the floor.


I loved that I wasn’t too “big enough”, or excluded from anything. I was able to do everything they did and I enjoyed doing it. I think it is SO important to be able to show your children that you are their parent and you can still have fun, you can still be silly, and there is no age limit to enjoying yourself. If your kids see you happy, then that is the best memories to give them.  A happy mom who can dunk some hoops back to back is a cool thing to be in front of your too cool for you kids let me say!

SkyZone is a place that you can visit over and over and it will never get old.

Here are three things I wish I knew before we went to SkyZone:

- Bring a big bottle of water with you, but remember to label it with your name on it, and you can easily just leave it on one of the tables or by your locker. They do sell water and drinks there, but you are allowed to bring your own water, so its a good way to stay fully hydrated and not have to spend money on a couple bottles of water.
- ALWAYS wear a short sleeve/ no sleeve shirt - even if you go during the winter time. They do have air conditioning but obviously when you are jumping around you can barely feel it. So during the winter time I would suggest taking a short sleeve shirt and shorts to change into when you get there, before you go in to jump!
- 60 minutes is usually never enough time, especially if your kids are super active and always on the go. You know your children best - and I thought it would not be able to keep their attention for more than an hour so we decided to just do an hour, but an hour flew right by and they still wanted to do more. So I would highly suggest the 90 minutes of jump time instead.

Visit for yourself, and get your tickets here:

- Thank you SkyZone NEW ROCHELLE for having us, we had a blast and can't wait to return. All opinions are 100% honest and our own.

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