Friday, August 30, 2019

Fun at Kangas Indoor PlayCenter in LIC!

These city kids of mine rarely ever get to enjoy an indoor play center. It's just not a thing out here in NYC, sadly. Most indoor play spaces in the city are for infants, or toddlers. But once you hit the age of 3 years old good luck finding a place that is air conditioned for your child to run wild at. During winter days off from school it can start to get tough as well to try and find a place for a child to go where they can blow off some energy through out the day, without getting sick. When I found out about Kanga's Indoor PlayCenter in Long Island City I knew the kids would love it. Having two school aged kids, places like this can seem too boring for them, too "baby" so when I brung it up to them they weren't so enthused thinking it would be a basic and simple play space with all the basic things you always see. Down below I will share all of our favorite parts of our time there, and also three reasons you should go visit!

Jace (8 yrs old):
This place was just so cool, that I can't make up my mind about my favorite part. The whole entire big kid side was my favorite. They have a fast and reallllly long slide that makes you feel like you are on a roller coaster, but not too fast! I liked going down with my hands up because I felt free. You and your friends can also do a race going down the slides because it isn't just one slide. I liked that I didn't have to wait for a slide too, and it was enough room for everyone to play and have fun at the same time. I could stay there forever, because their was just so much to do and having my brother with me was a lot of fun that we got to do all the same things together.

Caleb (5 yrs old):
My favorite part of Kanga's was when we collected all of the color balls and put them in a tube that made them go up into the big basket on top, and when I saw we had so many I asked mommy to press the button so that it could all fall on us. It was so cool, and we did that like five times! I also really liked that they had ball shooters that you could blast at friends that are under! I was so sweaty because I just didn't want to stop playing!

I really enjoyed the whole experience. It was a very clean and well taken care of place. All of the staff members were kind and friendly and making sure everyone was having fun, but also safe. I liked how they had many options for the kids, from the bouncy house to the tea cup ride, and then an area just for toddlers and babies under the age of two years old so it was easier for younger kids to enjoy without the worry of the older kids being to rough or anything. I got to enjoy one of their massage chairs as well during the time the boys were playing, so it was great that they cater to the parents as well.

The first thing I would have to say I liked was the safety of it, when you first come in you sign a waiver for each child and parent, and then you get bands which are all different numbers for your group, so you can feel secure enough to let your child play freely in the center without any scares of them leaving or getting lost! But what I loved most is I got to enjoy the fun as well. It is a well designed play space that allows parents to climb, jump and swing as well. I usually sit back and let them enjoy it but it all just looked so fun that I had to give it a go just once. Especially the zip lining ball, which was such a thrill to do even as a full grown adult. Plus, there is nothing better than allowing your children to see you have fun, see you being happy, and playing with them. They really loved seeing me try and do some of the things, and they sure got some laughs from it as well.

FOUR Reasons YOU Should Go:

1. Parents/Caregivers are FREE. Yes, free fully. No purchase necessary. Which is something you ever see anywhere. I find that to be so reassuring though because financially many families cannot afford to pay a fee for each child and each parent, and it isn't quite fair if for the most part the experience is for your child but obviously it isn't a drop off center so a parent has to attend, as their is no other choice so it is only fair that parents do not have to pay for the space, yet still have the opportunity to enjoy it as well if they feel like it. - They do it all too. From birthday parties, to special events, and school trips!

2. They have a very large selection of food/snacks/ and beverages. You don't have to pack up your whole entire kitchen to come here, it is all available. Being a mother of two of the most pickiest boys in the whole world - let me tell you this is something I look into at ALL times because I know just how pick they can get with food, and the last thing I need is HANGRY little monsters as we are traveling back home anywhere so a good selection of food is a must. They had a pizza and french fries, plus a juice and they both give it a two thumbs up for delicious.

3. They have a very special Mother's Room where you can go into for some privacy to nurse or feed in general, or change a dirty diaper. It is a pretty big room which is big enough to roll in a stroller, or you can enjoy sitting in the comfy rocking chair so you can feed your little one without them getting too distracted by all that is going on around them. The bathrooms are all fully stocked though as well with changing tables, and step stools for the little ones to clean their hands. It is all vey clean and organized, and you see the workers always cleaning it up to make sure it doesn't get too messy in there. 

4. Lastly, they have free wifi so working moms this is your place right here. Still have some work to get done but the kids are driving you off the walls at home? Kanga's to the rescue! Get them to go play and bring your laptop so you can connect to their free wifi and get things done while they are having a blast. It is convenient for every single mom out there and that is why I really loved our visit. I loved that you could tell they put so much thought into this play space, and they didn't just put it together but thought of all the ways they could make it the best space for all different kinds of families.

- Thank you Kanga's Play Center in Long Island City for inviting us to your space for a fun day! We will be returning again for another great day full of climbing and jumping!
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